Why Is My Apple Watch Dying So Fast?

If you have to recharge your Apple Watch frequently, you might ask, “why is my Apple Watch dying so fast?” If you own an iPhone, getting an Apple Watch allows you to move notifications to your wrist and keep track of your biometrics. But what causes the Apple Watch to die so fast?

There is an 18-hour battery life rating on the new Apple Watch. It’s likely that your iPhone is consuming the battery or constantly running a background app. And this could be the cause of this issue. Also, adding more features will drain your watch’s battery faster.

Reasons Why Is Your Apple Watch Dying So Fast

These are the most common reasons your Apple Watch is dying so fast.

Reason 1: Wake Screen Time

By raising your wrist or tapping the screen, you turn on the display briefly. There is a risk that the battery will rapidly drain when the wake time is set high such as 70 seconds. The recommended setting for wake screen time is 15 seconds. Follow the given steps to do so.

  • On your iPhone, open the Watch app and press the Start button.
  • In the “My Watch” tab, select the “General” option.
  • Press the “Wake Screen” button.
  • Tap on “Wake for 15 seconds” to begin the process.

You can disable the feature that wakes the screen when you raise the watch. The screen will only show up when you select Digital Crown. At the top of the screen, there is an option called “Wake Screen” that you can disable.

Reason 2: Push Notifications

You can also drain your watch’s battery if you send many notifications. Turning on only the notifications you need will help you save the battery. Follow the given steps to minimize the push notifications.

  • Start the Apple Watch app.
  • Select the “Notifications” option in the “My Watch” section.
  • On the App Notifications page, you should tap each app listed and select whether or not to allow that app to send notifications. Depending on the app, it may default to “Mirror my iPhone.”

If that is the case, all you have to do is change the setting from “Auto” to “Custom,” and then you can customize the notifications as you like.


When apps are allowed to run in the background, they can drain your battery. Remove everything from your Apple Watch that you aren’t using. You can delete an app you haven’t used for more than three months or don’t even remember installing.

Also, you can set your watch to conserve power when you’re watching a movie, such as by switching to Theater mode. The issue might be with your hardware. 

When all these tips fail to extend your Apple Watch’s battery life, the battery is likely defective – the problem is likely a hardware part. I recommend contacting Apple customer support for assistance.

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