Why Does My iPhone Say No SIM?

If you are curious to know “why does my iPhone say no SIM,” this article is for you. If you receive a “No SIM “message, you do not need to change your iPhone or SIM card. Despite their severity, the error message does not always mean your iPhone is faulty. So, why does it occur?

An iPhone No SIM error can occur for a variety of reasons. The iPhone might not recognize the SIM card that it uses for connecting to these networks, which could cause this issue. A SIM card that has become slightly dislodged could also contribute to this problem.

Reasons Why Does Your iPhone Say No SIM

Your iPhone may not recognize your SIM because of the reasons listed below.

Reason 1: SIM Dislodged Or Malfunctioning SIM Card

There is a possibility that your SIM card has become loose, which will cause the No SIM problem. In the first instance, try putting it back in place and ensure that you have placed it correctly. 

After that, you should no longer see the No SIM Card Installed error within seconds, and your regular carrier’s name will appear on your iPhone again.

Further, a SIM card with a hardware problem may cause your iPhone to say “no SIM.”. Check this by putting in the SIM card of another working phone. The SIM card must be present in the correct slot.

After inserting a second SIM card, the No SIM Card Installed warning should disappear. If it does not, the SIM is defective. If so, contact your phone company or Apple.

Reason 2: Dirty SIM Card

A dirty sim card is another reason your iPhone might display a “No SIM” error. You should remove the SIM card and check whether it is dirty. 

Clean them if necessary. It’s probably okay to blow into the slot, but compressed air is always better.

Reason 3: iOS Require an Update

If you continue to have problems, check the iPhone’s operating system, iOS, for an update. Before you do this, make sure your iPhone provides access to Wi-Fi and has a lot of battery life. Update your iPhone if it is available and try again. 

Alternatively, you may need to reinstall the network settings for your phone because your phone company changed them recently, which might also cause this issue.


Essentially, your iPhone won’t be able to function to its fullest without a SIM card. A SIM card contains your number, billing details, and cell service provider information. 

Connecting to a mobile network via your SIM card makes it possible for you to send, receive texts and make calls. Having the “no SIM” error means that the SIM card in your iPhone failed to detect. 

Software glitches or dusty SIM cards can cause this issue. You may have damage to your SIM card, which requires you to visit your provider or Apple Store for repair. I hope you have learned about your iPhone’s “No SIM” error.

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