How To Change Youtube Banner On iPhone?

What if you want to change your YouTube banner but do not know “how to change the YouTube banner on iPhone?” When someone views your YouTube profile, your banner will probably be one of the initial images they’ll see. So, how can you change it?

First, navigate to your Youtube channel. Click on the channel’s main portion and choose to customize. From there, you will get the option to update the banner image. When you click on the banner image, you’ll be given the option to edit the banner image for your channel.

Methods to Change Youtube Banner On iPhone

The following are the methods you can use to change the YouTube banner on your iPhone.

Method 1: Through Web Browser

If you want to edit or add a banner to your channel, follow the steps below.

  • From your iPhone, open any browser and navigate to YouTube. Ensure you are on your channel.
  • Open YouTube and tap on the profile photo. A drop-down menu will appear. Select on Your Channel from the options present in the menu.
  • Choose the Customize Channel. You will find multiple blue buttons there. 
  • After doing so, the YouTube Creator Studio will open in a new window. As you look at the screen, three tabs are visible, including “Basic,” “Layout,” and “Branding.” Click on Branding.
  • The Branding tab provides the option of adding, changing or removing your banner. Decide which option is appropriate for you.
  • By clicking on change, you will see a dialog box. Now, select the image you’d like to upload as your banner and hit enter. Now, you have a new banner.

Method 2: Thorough Youtube App

  • Open the YouTube application.
  • Touch your profile picture, and you will notice a drop-down menu.
  • Press “Your Channel” in the drop-down menu.
  • You will find a blue button titled “Edit Channel” on the Your Channel page. Select it.
  • It will allow you to modify your profile picture and banner image on the next screen. Select the camera icon present on the far right. This will give you access to the area where you can alter your banner image.
  • Finally, you can choose a photo from your library or take one to use as the banner image.


Creating a YouTube banner is about keeping it simple and relevant to your niche. You do not want a design that appears crowded or aesthetically confusing to the eye. 

Ensure that your channel banner offers visitors a taste of what you have to offer so they’ll stay for more of your content. If you have consistent artwork and branding, people will perceive you as a professional, which will lead to more views. 

Hopefully, all this information will help change your channel banner. It is convenient to accomplish this by following all the settings one by one.

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