What Is The Fastest Growing Army On YouTube?

If you are a regular YouTube user, you might question, “what is the fastest-growing army on YouTube?” YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows its users to watch videos, share them with their friends, leave comments and upload their videos. You can access the YouTube videos through your PC, mobile phone, and numerous other devices. YouTubers often refer to their subscribers as armies and give them specific names. But which one is the fastest growing?

Danny Gonzalez has the fastest-growing army on Youtube. Over the past few years, Danny Gonzalez has developed a strong and stable YouTube following. His YouTube subscribers total more than 5 million. Danny Gonzalez calls his army “Greg.” As the experts predict, you can expect that the Greg Army will double in upcoming years.

What Is the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube?

On the YouTube platform, Danny Gonzalez has one of the fastest-growing armies. Danny Gonzalez has amassed an extensive and devoted audience on YouTube over the past few years. 

Currently, Danny Gonzalez has over five million subscribers on the platform. Danny Gonzalez refers to his army as “Greg.” The experts predict that there will be double-digit growth in the Greg Army during the next few years.

The now-discontinued Vine application brought Danny to fame in his earlier days. During that time, he gained millions of followers. Due to the shutdown of the platform, Danny began operating on YouTube.

Danny was in for a spicy ride at this point. Thousands of millions of people watched his “Troom Troom response” videos. He gained recognition as a musician with his parodies and humorous songs during the same period.


There are billions of YouTube viewers globally, enabling YouTube to claim the title of the leading video streaming website. No matter your interest areas, the platform offers plenty of quality content. 

Many YouTubers call their subscribers their armies and call them by specific names. Among the most popular on YouTube is Danny’s army. It holds the record to this day. 

You don’t have to look it up since it’s so popular. You may wonder why Danny calls his followers “Greg.” He made fun of Jake Paul’s song “The Jake Paulers Song.”

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