Why Do My AirPods Keep Pausing?

Are you annoyed when your AirPods keep pausing and wondering, “why do my AirPods keep pausing?” It’s no wonder that Apple AirPods are the most popular wireless earbuds worldwide. They do, however, have some challenges. One issue that some users complain about is the pauses when using AirPods. But what causes it?

Your AirPods are likely to pause because of the Automatic Ear Detection option. Getting the pausing to stop is as simple as turning off this feature and cleaning the sensor. If the problem persists, verify that your Bluetooth connections are working and restart your device.

Reasons Why Do Your AirPods Keep Pausing

You may be wondering why your AirPods constantly pause. Here are the main reasons for this.

Reason 1: Automatic Ear Detection

With Apple AirPods, the playing media will stop or pause when your hands touch the sensors. Most users are unaware of this and are confused about why their music stops suddenly. 

Each AirPod comes with sensors that detect when they come into contact with you. There could be another problem when your music repeatedly pauses without touching the sensors.

Disabling Automatic Ear Detection is the easiest way to fix this problem. Follow these steps to disable the Automatic Ear Detection.

  • First, you will need to go to your iPhone’s settings and select Bluetooth.
  • Click the “I” icon in the AirPods settings that appears next.
  • Click the Ear Detection button to turn it off on the next screen.

Check your connection now as you listen to music to see if it gets paused again. You will still be able to hear the content with this feature disabled, even if you remove the AirPods. Your battery will also drain faster with this setting enabled.

Reason 2: Proximity

AirPods and smartphones may lose connection when too far apart. For both devices to work perfectly, they need to be close. The devices might experience some glitches or cracks as they lose connection. Your music or media will usually pause during these times.

When you place both devices hundreds of feet apart, you cannot expect them to work perfectly. When using your AirPod, ensure the device is within 30-60 feet of your AirPod, and nothing is blocking it.

Reason 3: Connection Problems

Lack of connection is another prime reason why your AirPods keep on pausing. If the connection between your smartphone and AirPods isn’t great, you won’t be able to listen to music. 

Try reconnecting your AirPods with your device for about 25-30 seconds after putting them back in their case. Should this fail, you’ll need to unplug them entirely in your iPhone’s settings before reconnecting.


In most cases, the Automated Ear Detection feature associated with the AirPods causes the sound to pause. Having your wireless device disabled from Automatic Ear Detection from the very beginning when you purchase is an excellent tip to keep in mind. 

Likely, you will no longer encounter these audio pauses once you implement them. Also, ensure no connectivity issue between the AirPod and your device.

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