How To Turn Off The Power Reserve On An Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch’s Power Reserve feature is essential for preserving battery life, it disables other features. There are only a few steps involved in turning off the Apple Watch’s Power Reserve function. 

Restarting the device is all it takes to turn off the Power Reserve mode. You can do this by pressing down the side button until the Apple logo is displayed. Afterward, you wait for the Apple Watch to restart itself. It may take a while for your apple watch to restart, but it returns to its normal state when it does.

When your Apple Watch’s battery is running low, you may use the power reserve to extend its life. Nevertheless, it disables all features except the most basic watch function – showing the time. Let’s find out more about how to turn off the power reserve on an Apple Watch.

Simple Steps to Turn Off The Power Reserve on Apple Watch

The moment the battery level dips below 10%, Power Reserve sends a notification to Apple Watch owners. When the battery is running low, the Apple Watch automatically switches to Power Reserve mode. It’s signified by a red lightning bolt next to the time.

Users may still check the time on their Apple Watch when in Power Reserve mode, but the watch will use less battery life. It does this by blocking several other functions, including the ability to communicate with a paired iPhone. In addition to disabling many of the watch’s functionalities, the mode disables the watch face.

Even though it saves your battery, you might not always want this feature to function. In that case, turning it off becomes your next option. The good news is that this is no big deal.

The following steps guide you when you want to turn off the power reserve on an apple watch:

  • Press and hold the side button for a few seconds
  • Wait till the apple logo appears
  • The device will restart afterward

Performing a Battery Check

There are several ways to know the charge level of your Apple Watch battery. They are as follows:

  • By swiping up from your watch face, you open the Control Center, and you can reveal the battery percentage from there
  • A battery level indicator is an option on various watch faces.
  • A battery widget can be added to your iPhone to indicate the status of any linked Apple Watch.
  • In Nightstand mode, tap the charging button to see how much battery your Apple Watch has.


With the arrival of the new Series 7 and Watch SE models, the popularity of the Apple Watch is unlikely to change any time soon. To top it all off, new features like “Time To Walk” have been added to the Apple Watch.

This feature interacts with the Apple Fitness+ subscription service. As a result, it’s more necessary than ever to learn how to regulate functions like Power Reserve on the device.

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