Not Getting Notifications On Apple Watch

Does your Apple Watch keep giving you the silent treatment? You’re not the only one. Even the most dependable of watches can have technical faults. Thankfully, you can do a few things to fix the problem. 

Suppose your Apple Watch isn’t getting notifications. In that case, check the following: restart it, make sure that “Do Not Disturb” is off and on the latest software; unpair and repair it. If these are not successful, then reset sync data to fix calendars issues.

Not getting notifications on your Apple Watch could result from and be dependent on various things. If you’re not getting notifications and don’t know how to solve the problem, you can fix that with this article.

Why is Your Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications?

Have you been noticing that your Apple Watch isn’t receiving notifications? Well, this is usually because it has lost connection with the iPhone. The notifications you’ve received don’t moved over from your phone to your Apple Watch after disconnecting.

Check up on things by checking for a red icon of an iPhone or X icon. In most cases, if there’s no connection, that means it’s time to get them closer together or fix whatever might be wrong with your watch. If the “do not disturb” mode is active on your watch, you won’t receive any notifications!

How to Fix an Apple Watch That’s Not Getting Notifications

Apple’s notifications system is excellent when it works, but it can also be frustrating when it doesn’t. If you’re one of the people struggling to get notifications on your Apple Watch, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these tips to fix that problem:

1. Check If Your Apple Watch is Connected to Your iPhone

Your Apple Watch needs to be connected to your iPhone to send and receive notifications. If not, you’re not going to see notifications on it.

2. Try To Restart Your Apple Watch

If you’re experiencing a problem with your Apple Watch, try restarting it. Sometimes turning it off and on again will do the trick. If this doesn’t work, give force-restarting it a go: hold down the side button until you see an Apple symbol inside circles.

3. Turn off “Do Not Disturb”

It is essential to disable “Do Not Disturb.” To access the control center on your Apple Watch, simply swipe from the base of the display upward. If you see a crescent moon icon with a purple border next to it, tap and hold this button until its borders turn white again (a few seconds). The notification should come back when you do this!

If disabling “Do Not Disturb” does not work for some reason or if no notifications were coming in before turning off DND mode-both unlikely scenarios, then navigate to the “Notifications” setting and toggle down “Enable Notification Preview.” 

4. Make Sure Your Apple Watch is Updated

Apple Watch updates come in two forms. There are watchOS updates that happen over the air, and there are Software Updates that you have to download yourself. Ensure that you’ve updated the operating system on your Apple Watch so that it’s running on the current version. To check, select the Watch application on your iPhone and select “My Watch”. Here you’ll see the version of the Apple Watch operating system currently running on your device.

5. Fix Contacts and Calendars Issues

Error in Contacts or even Calendar might cause the Notifications problems on your Apple Watch. Try fixing in the following steps: Open the Watch app on the phone that’s paired with the watch and tap General. Scroll toward the bottom and select the option “Reset Sync Data”.

6. Unpair and Repair Your Apple Watch

If you are still having problems with your Apple Watch, the best way to go about it is unpairing and repair it again. Ensure that you employ the correct method, which involves using the Watch app. This will create a backup of your watch and make restoring easy if anything goes wrong on a technical level.

If none of this works, you may need to take your device in for repairs or send it in for replacement. This isn’t something that happens often. In fact, it’s extremely rare. But it can happen.

7. Contact Apple Support Center

If none of the above solutions has helped, there may be a problem that requires the expertise of a professional Apple technician. Contact the Apple support centre to see whether someone can offer you more advice. They’re working 24/7, so don’t worry if you need to fix your issue as soon as you want.


If you’re still not getting notifications on your Apple Watch, try restarting your iPhone, making sure your Apple Watch is in range, turning on notifications, and updating your watch software. 

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try pairing a new Apple Watch. And if you don’t see notifications on your new Apple Watch, try turning off Find My iPhone on your iCloud account on the iPhone you don’t use with the Apple Watch. Make sure your iPhone’s notifications are turned on, and try turning off Find My iPhone. If those don’t help, try contacting Apple Support.

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