How To Change Auto Lock On An iPhone?

If you experience a sudden lock of your iPhone screen, you might ask, “how to change auto lock on an iPhone?” The iPhone has the option to extend the screen lock if the lock screen appears too soon. In contrast, you can limit the amount of time the iPhone screen stays on if you don’t like it to stay on for a long time. 

You can prevent your iPhone from auto-lock by changing its sleep timer. You can find the auto-lock option in Settings—the duration of time between when your screen locks can be anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. If you choose to set Auto-Lock to Never, you will turn off the feature.

Steps to Follow to Change Auto-Lock on an iPhone

By using the sleep timer feature of your iPhone, you can prevent your device from auto-locking. The auto-lock is available under the Settings section of your device. 

The duration of time it takes for your screen to lock can vary from 30 seconds to five minutes. You will be able to disable Auto-Lock if you select Never. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Open up the Settings app on your iPhone device.
  • Navigate to the Display & Brightness section.
  • Click on the Auto-Lock option.
  • Click on the timer you would like to use for this. You can adjust the timer to work for you.

What If You Notice Grayed-Out Auto-Lock on Your iPhone?

The iPhone’s Auto-Lock feature automatically dims your screen after a set time to conserve power and prevent unauthorized access. Unless you disable Auto-Lock, the screen will time out after a specified period. 

The iPhone will also dim the screen after a set amount of time as your computer does after a period of inactivity. If you disable Auto-Lock so that your screen does not automatically lock, you will reduce your battery life.

During Low-Power Mode, you cannot use the Auto-Lock function on your iPhone. While the iPhone is in Low-Power Mode, its Auto-Lock feature remains at thirty seconds. 

It is easy to turn off the Low-Power Mode to prevent Auto-Lock from being grayed out. You can change the time of Auto-Lock after turning off Low-Power Mode. You can choose the time you want by going back to the Auto-Lock setting.


Your iPhone’s Auto-lock feature lets you specify how long it takes for the screen to lock or turn off automatically. You can also set Auto-lock to prevent your iPhone from locking automatically permanently.

When your iPhone auto-locks, you will see that the screen dims to conserve battery power and avoid unwanted access. Your screen will automatically close after a specified period in Auto-Lock’s absence. 

The Auto-Lock function of your iPhone will not work during Low-Power Mode. The Auto-Lock function of the iPhone remains at thirty seconds when in Low-Power Mode. By turning off Low-Power Mode, Auto-Lock no longer appears grayed out.

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