How To Sync Messages From An iPhone To A Mac?

If you want to know how to sync messages from an iPhone to a Mac, this article is for you. Apple’s goal for years is to make sure you can conveniently send and receive text messages from anywhere. Apple makes synchronization easy to keep all your messages on all your devices. 

Apple’s iMessage service usually syncs flawlessly between iPhone and Mac, but occasionally messages won’t sync. However, you can easily sync messages from an iPhone to a Mac if you know the process. You will need to open the Messages app and go to the Preferences option to sync messages.

Steps For Setting Up Your iPhone for Synchronizing Messages on Mac

Check out the following steps to set up your iPhone for syncing messages on Mac.

  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Tap the message option.
  • Turn on iMessage.
  • You will then need to tap the Send & Receive option.
  • If the option to sync your Apple ID for iMessage pops up, you will need to sign in using the Apple ID connected to your Apple device.
  • Verify that your phone number, Apple ID, and other iMessage-related emails are checked.
  • If you prefer your email address, choose that unless you strongly prefer your phone number.
  • Your Apple ID will be visible at the bottom. Be sure to keep this in mind so you can use the same one on Mac and other iOS devices.
  • Now go to the Settings option. Once you have returned to Settings, select FaceTime from the drop-down menu.
  • There you will find the phone number and Apple ID. Please check your phone number and Apple ID and ensure it is correct.

You have done setting up your iPhone for syncing messages on Mac. Now, you will have no issues while doing the process.

Steps to Sync Messages from an iPhone To a Mac

The following instructions will show you how to adjust Mac settings so that you can sync the messages.

  • Select the Applications folder and open the Messages application on your Mac.
  • Messages will prompt you to log in if you have not already done so.
  • Choose Messages from the menu, then select Preferences.
  • On the pop-up window, click iMessage.
  • The top of the page displays your Apple ID. Ensure it matches the Apple ID you’re using on your iPhone.
  • Check your phone number and email accounts for messages, especially your Apple ID email address.
  • Choose the same phone number or email you set up on your iPhone under the Start new conversation section.

 It will sync messages from an iPhone to a Mac.


The iPhone and Mac both support iMessage, so Apple makes it simple to synchronize your texts. During the initial setup of your devices, you might have enabled automatic syncing. If not, this article will help you do so.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to sync messages between devices without any problems. The article should be able to remind you what to do if your iPhone suddenly stops working on your Mac.

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