Apple Watch Is Not Syncing With iPhone

Suppose you have upgraded to the latest version of the Apple Watch and have connectivity issues with your iPhone. This is a very common issue. Many Apple Watch users report that their Apple Watch is not syncing with iPhone. The watch is not detecting the iPhone, so you do not see it on the list of available devices. 

There are several approaches to getting your Apple Watch and iPhone to sync again. Try linking your iPhone and Watch once again. It’s essential to ensure that your iPhone and Apple Watch Bluetooth settings are configured correctly. Having the current operating system update on your device is vital. And many more ways to fix the error.

Read on to learn more about ensuring your Apple Watch is syncing with your iPhone.

The Benefit of Syncing Apple Watch with iPhone

Apple Watch is a great device, especially if you are an iPhone user. It can help you stay connected with your iPhone by displaying notifications from it on your wrist. You can also take calls, view messages, and send or receive emails on your Apple Watch. What’s more, you can use it to store fitness and health data. 

You should definitely try to sync it with your iPhone. In this way you can appreciate the complete functionality of your Apple Watch without having to carry an iPhone with you.

What to Do if Your Apple Watch Is Not Syncing With iPhone

If you’re having issues syncing your Apple Watch with your iPhone, try the following tips: 

#Tip 1: Restart your Apple Watch and iPhone

We may experience technical glitches every now and then but restarting our devices can solve the problem. Hold down the power button and buttons on the side of your device simultaneously to restart your Apple Watch or iPhone. After doing this, it’s best to switch the device off completely and wait a few minutes before turning it back on again. Then sync both devices again.

#Tip 2: Check Bluetooth Connection on Both Devices

Sometimes, running issues might appear because of a Bluetooth connection. You have to turn off Bluetooth on one device first before turning it back on and re-sync both devices. 

To do this, simply go to your Settings and select Bluetooth. At the lower section of the screen, you’ll see a toggle button allowing you to turn your Bluetooth on and off. Toggle this button to Off, wait for 2 minutes, and then toggle the button to On. 

Then reconnect both devices with one another using “Connect” in App Store App > tap more > select the connection type you want to use (iCloud, NFC). 

#Tip 3: Check for Software Updates On Both Devices

A common glitch that could be causing problems is not having all of their software up to date. Check if anything needs to be updated for either device by looking at Settings > General > Software Update.

#Tip 4: Reset Sync Data

This can be achieved via your iPhone’s Apple Watch app. You must select General > Choose Reset > Tap “Reset Sync Data.” It is crucial that doing so will delete Calendar and Contact data from your Apple Watch, but once you re-sync with your device, it should come back up again.

#Tip 5: Try to Edit Your Move Goal on Apple Watch

Some users have noticed that when they edit their move goal in the Activity app of their watch, then all of a sudden, everything starts syncing together again! This isn’t a permanent fix for this bug in iOS 15.4.1‘s beta release, though – just another workaround until they get an update out there.

Tip 6: Toggle Your Airplane Mode on Both Devices

Turning airplane mode ON momentarily will reset service connections between iOS devices. You need to turn Airplane Mode on for 10-20 seconds before turning it off again (Airplane Mode shuts down all transmissions). We also recommend ensuring both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


While the Apple Watch is not for everyone, it has quickly become one of the most popular wearable devices. The watch is stylish, of a high quality, mechanically robust, and is packed with features.

But remember that your Apple Watch is only as powerful as the iPhone that it’s paired with. If your iPhone isn’t working correctly, your Apple Watch will not work correctly either. 

Keeping your device’s operating system up to date is crucial to its functionality. Ensure your connection (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even turn off Airplane Mode). Also, try linking your Apple Watch with your iPhone again. You may not be able to see all of the features of the Apple Watch without a paired iPhone.

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