How To Cancel An Apple Pay Payment?

If you have accidentally made a payment through Apple Pay, you might want to know how to cancel an Apple Pay payment. Apple Pay provides iPhone users with a convenient way to send and receive money straight from their phones. Even if you need to cancel a payment, you shouldn’t be concerned since it is possible. So, how do you do that?

You will need to tap the Apple Pay payment in the message in the Messages app to cancel a payment. Select Cancel Payment after tapping the Apple Pay payment. The payment has now been canceled when you go into the Messages thread.

Steps to Follow to Cancel an Apple Pay Payment

Since long ago, iPhone users have had the option of transferring money. iPhone owners can send money using apps like PayPal, but Apple Pay is the easiest. 

However, sometimes human error causes Apple Pay payments to fail. Remember that a canceled Apple Pay payment is irreversible until the recipient hasn’t accepted it. 

Once they accept the money, you will have to work together to resolve the problem. Follow the given steps to cancel an Apple Pay payment.

  • Open the Messages app on your phone.
  • Tap on the Apple Pay payment in the thread in the Messages app.
  • Select Cancel Payment.
  • You will now see the payment cancellation message in the Messages thread.
  • Tap the Settings app if you can’t find the message or have deleted it.
  • Click Wallet & Apple Pay to access your wallet.
  • Now select the card via which you made the Apple Pay payment.
  • Select the Transactions tab.
  • Select the payment that you want to cancel from the Recent Transactions section.
  • You will be able to cancel the payment by tapping on Cancel Payment.

When you return to the Messages thread, you will see the payment cancellation message. Within one to three business days of canceling a payment, you will get a refund on your credit card

You cannot cancel the payment if the person has already accepted it. Contact Apple if the charge conflicts with your account.

Can I Receive an Apple Pay Payment If the Recipient Has Not Accepted It?

Please remember that an Apple Pay payment that the recipient has not accepted is non-refundable. You will have to figure out a way to resolve the problem together once they accept the money. 

If your charges do not match your credit card, you can contact Apple. Once you cancel a payment and the recipient accepts the refund request, you will get a refund in your credit card account within one to three business days.


Apple Pay is a service that provides users with the ability to send and receive money via their iPhone. 

If you have accidentally sent a payment and want to cancel it, that shouldn’t worry you since there is an option. However, payment cancellations are not possible if the intended recipient has not yet accepted.

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