How To Screen Record On Facetime With Sound?

People who do not know much about Facetime often ask how to screen record on Facetime with sound. You can keep precious memories with your family and friends by recording FaceTime. It might also be necessary to record an interview over FaceTime for business purposes. But how to do that?

Swipe the screen to open the Control Center if you have an iPhone. Tap the Screen Recording icon. Turn on external audio by pressing the gray microphone button. Tap the Start Recording button and turn on the microphone. By doing so, you can screen record on Facetime with sound.

Steps to Follow Screen Record on Facetime with Sound

In contrast to Android devices, where third-party apps are necessary for screen recording, iOS devices do not require such apps. With the iPhone screen recorder, you can record the screen while on a FaceTime call. Follow the given to do so.

  • You can find the Control Centre by scrolling down and tapping on it.
  • Make sure Access Within Apps is enabled.
  • Go to Customize Controls.
  • A list of apps in the Control Center will appear here. Adding the recording app is as simple as clicking on the plus sign next to the Screen Recording icon. A Screen Recorder icon will now appear in the Control Center due to its addition to the list.
  • Create a FaceTime call by opening the FaceTime app, selecting a contact, and starting the call.
  • Once your phone starts ringing, you must access the Control Center. A screen recording will start when you tap on the Screen Recorder. It will capture the screen only, without sound.
  • Tapping on the Microphone sign will change color, and the microphone On command will appear.
  • You can record by tapping the Start Recording button. Your FaceTime call will continue immediately after the countdown has ended.
  • You can close the recording after you have finished the call using the red bar at the screen top.

Is It Legal to Record the Screen with Audio During a Facetime?

States have different laws regarding audio and video recording. Most states of the US allow recording with the consent or knowledge of the individual. 

The law in some states requires two-party consent, meaning all parties involved must agree to the recording before it takes place. If you need to record a FaceTime call, it’s always good to ask the other person first.


The company has provided iOS and Mac users with this excellent service for making calls via Facetime. Several features in the iOS version have been revised following the latest update, making Facetime more worthy. 

Let me know what you think about the method for screen recording FaceTime with sound. Likewise, let me know if you have any problems on FaceTime if you record the audio on an iPhone. I will do my best to find a solution for you.

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