How To Remove An Apple Watch Band?

Do you intend to replace your Apple Watch band but do not know how to remove an Apple Watch band? Apple Watch bands come in a wide selection of colors and styles. It is necessary to remove the old watch band before replacing it. But how do we do it?

Put your Apple Watch face down on a smooth surface on your desk. Slide it off from either side of the Apple watch to remove the band. In the case of a link bracelet band, it will be necessary to separate the bands into two parts.

Methods to Remove an Apple Watch Band

Following are the methods that one can use to remove an Apple Watch band.

Method 1: Direct Method

This method involves the following steps.

  • Turn the Apple Watch face down and place it on a flat surface. You will find the band release button on the bottom. You can access it by removing your Apple Watch and placing it on a clean surface.
  • Release the band by pressing and holding the button. Under the band connection, there is a small oval button that releases the band.
  • The watch band should be able to be pulled out to the side. Pull the band to the right with the release button firmly held.
  • There is a release button that you need to hold down for a few seconds on the other side. Two push-button controls are present on either side of the Apple watch’s band to release the band from the watch.
  • The watch band needs to be slid to the side. Slide the watchband out to the side while holding down the band release button. You have now removed the watch band.  

Method 2: Disassembling a Link Bracelet

Follow the steps below to implement this method.

  • Make sure that you close the butterfly closure. The butterfly closure is the part of the closure over the Apple Watch. Close it by folding the top over the bottom until it clicks.  
  • Keep pressing and holding the quick-release button for a few seconds. You have to open the bracelet and press the quick-release button to access it.
  • Separate the links by pulling them apart. There is a quick-release button on the links, so the links are easy to pull apart. Separate the bracelet into two pieces by gently pulling on the quick-release control with your thumb.
  • It is now possible to remove the band.


You can customize your Apple Watch with accessories. There is a superb assortment of bands from Apple in various colors, patterns, and designs.

You can match your Apple Watch with various strap and watch combinations. Depending on how you adjust them, you will need to be familiar with the mechanics of each design before you can find a solution that fits your needs.

Please note that the method of adjusting them may vary, so you should carefully examine each design to make sure it meets your needs. I hope this article will help you easily remove your Apple Watch band.

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