How to See How Long You’ve Been on Facetime

How to see how long you’ve been on Facetime video calls is a question many Apple device users ask. Facetime is a video conferencing app that lets iOS users chat on video with other callers. If you make video calls on your Apple device, you may want to know how much time you take on calls. But how do you do that?

Some video conferencing apps usually have features that show callers the time they’ve spent on video calls. However, FaceTime doesn’t have a timer to show the time you take on a video call while talking to someone. You can only tell how long you’ve taken on a call after the conversation has ended. Just check your call history for your Facetime call duration.

The Benefit of Seeing How Long You’ve Been on Facetime

A facetime call is a live video call between you and another person. These live calls may take longer than necessary when talking to someone important or having an exciting conversation. Seeing how long you’ve been on Facetime is essential to saving time and money.

If your kids Facetime a lot, you may need to limit their call time. Limiting facetime calls for your kids maybe because you want them to work on other constructive activities.

The same case applies to employees who spend more time than necessary on video calls. Checking their Facetime call duration history can help you stop their time and data wastage.

How to See How Long You’ve Been on Facetime

Facetime is an app available on different Apple devices. Making a call on Facetime is as easy as opening the Facetime app. Tap the new Facetime button, pick a contact and click on the video Facetime option.

You can also choose a contact and select the Facetime option next to their name to make a Facetime call. The option is also available on the messaging app when you tap on a contact’s name on iMessage.

Activating a Facetime call will initiate your front-facing camera immediately. There is no way to see how long you’ve been on Facetime while video calling. However, you can see the time you’ve spent on a Facetime call after you finish it. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the Facetime app on your iPhone device.

2. Go to the call log and identify the video call you are interested in.

3. Tap on the “i” icon on the right side of the call to access duration details.

4. You will see information on the call’s date, time, duration, and data used.

You can only use the process above to determine how long a facetime call takes after making it.

How to Tell How Long a Facetime Call Is While Making It

There is a simple way of knowing how long a Facetime call takes as you converse. Swipe out of the Facetime app to open a picture in the picture window of your video call. That way, you can look at the time on your phone while talking to your caller. 

Another simple way to see how long you’ve been on Facetime is using a stopwatch to time your call. Just decide how long you are willing to stay on a call and set the timer. You can also set the alarm on your Apple device for the same purpose. When the time you want to spend on a call is over, it will ring and notify you.

Once the time is through, you can end the video call. That is a simple way of making sure you do not go overboard with your Facetime video calls. Make a habit of doing this, and you will never spend more time than necessary on Facetime.


Seeing how long you’ve been on Facetime is not so hard. There are creative ways of doing it, like using a stopwatch, and conventional ones, like using the picture in the picture window.

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to monitor your Facetime video calls to avoid data wastage. It will also save your loved ones time and money if you teach them how to do it. The next time you make a video call try our suggestions and see how it works out.

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