How To Wake Someone Up On Facetime?

Is there a way for you to wake someone up on Facetime? Are you aware of how to do it? Apple products come with the video-chatting app Facetime. The app comes pre-installed on Apple phones, as well as on Mac computers through the App Store.

It would be best to end the call and make a new one. When the ringtone starts, users will immediately wake up. It is possible to repeat this process a few times. Repeat the procedure if he remains unable to awaken. You can use Galarm to contact your friend if their phone is silent.

Methods to Wake Someone Up on Facetime

Apple products have a video chatting app called Facetime. A Mac device can launch from the Apple Store, and Apple phones already come with it by default. 

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if you were on the phone with your friend and they immediately fell asleep? Now, here are two easy ways for you to wake him up:

1. Wake Up by Calling

I suggest that you terminate the call and make a new one. The ringtone will wake users up immediately. You can repeat this process several times. If he is still unable to wake up, repeat the procedure for a while.

2. Use Galarm App

If your friend’s phone is on silent, the best way to contact them is to use the Galarm app. With the help of this app, you can set the alarm for your friend to wake him up in the morning. 

If he is not responding to you on Facetime, you can use the Alarm App to wake him up. On the website, there is an app download link called Galarm app. 

Additionally, with the Galarm app, you can set an alarm for a group of people. Using this method, you will be able to call their phones and remind them what they are missing.

According to Apple, FaceTime callers can hear and even see the person on the other end before they pick up. Other methods for waking someone up with Facetime are available as well.

3. Call on another Phone

Additionally, pushing loud buttons may also be helpful. It would be best to hang up when that did not work, and you have honestly tried your hardest. 

You can try to call their cell phone or another nearby phone if they have one. Over and above this, there is not much to do if none of those methods seem to work.

4. Hang Up

You might be able to make him hear you if you yell loudly or push some buttons on the phone. After you hang up, he will hopefully hear the dial tone, and then you can call him again. You could try calling back, but he didn’t turn off the phone again, so you’d get a busy signal.

5. Use Touch Tone

When you hold down any of the buttons on a touch-tone phone, you’ll make a very loud and irritating sound to the person on the other end. The ring will wake him if you hang up and call back.

6. Use Music

An experiment conducted in 2021 compared a standard alarm clock tone to musical sounds and found that people preferred music for waking up. 

7. Use a Whistle

Use an air horn or whistle to get their attention. You are probably boring your friend to sleep if you aren’t interesting enough.

Does FaceTime Ring All the Time?

The length of time it takes for FaceTime to ring will vary depending on how your caller reacts. When you call someone via FaceTime, you’ll ring 11 times before they indicate that they’re unavailable. Still, you’ll ring for less time if they decline you. 

You cannot shut the screen off while on a video call without ending the call. Because FaceTime assumes you want to end the call when you press the Power button (that’s what it is for when you are speaking). In other words, there is no way to turn off the video screen when on a video call.


Apple products include Facetime, an application that allows video chat. You can download the app on Mac computers and Apple phones through the App Store. 

However, if your friend fell asleep while making a call, the best thing to do would be to end the call and make a new one. Once the ringtone begins, your friend will be awakened immediately.

 If necessary, you can repeat this process several times. Attempt to awaken him several more times if necessary. In addition, you may also find it helpful to push loud buttons. 

If that doesn’t work and you’ve tried your best, you should hang up. If their cell phone is nearby or if there is another phone, you can try to reach them. Furthermore, if none of those methods work, there is not much more you can do.

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