Why Is My Apple Watch Not Charging?

Is your Apple Watch not charging despite your best efforts, and you’re wondering, “why is my Apple Watch not charging?” The Apple Watch is a fantastic technology that offers many cool features. The downside is that you will have an expensive device that you cannot use if it doesn’t charge. So, what’s wrong with my Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch might not be charging because of a hardware or software issue. A blockage preventing the Watch from communicating with the charger is the cause of Apple Watches not charging. A software issue could also be the cause. Lastly, the Watch may be defective, if that is the case, Apple should replace it, or you can take it to a repair shop.

Reasons Why Is Your Apple Watch Not Charging

These are the most common reasons your Apple Watch won’t charge.

Reason 1: Damage Charging Cable

Ensure that the charging cable is not damaged and does fit properly. If you notice any damage to the charging cable, it might be why your Apple Watch is not charging. It would be best to plug the cable into the charging port correctly. 

Check to see if it is charging or not by adjusting the device placement. Also, ensure that the charge is in good condition, and if they become damaged, replace it with a genuine Apple Watch charger.

Reason 2: Protective Case

The protective case you use on your Apple Watch can cover the entire back. Remove it if it does, as it can make the Apple Watch and charger unusable. 

The charging connector and the rear of the Watch should be free of obstructions. Also, get rid of the wrap from the Apple Watch charger on both sides.

Reason 3: Unclean Charging Contacts

The charge contacts of your phone may accumulate debris over time. The residue may reduce the speed at which your phone charges or even prevent it from charging. 

In this case, you will need to use a microfiber cloth to clean the contacts. Moreover, you should also clean the Watch’s back and front. 

If stubborn dirt is on your Watch, you may consider using a cleaner. Make sure that dirt isn’t interfering with the signal. Using a soft cloth, wipe the Watch and the charger slowly.


If your Apple Watch won’t charge, the first thing you need to do if your Apple Watch won’t charge is to check all connections with the Watch’s hardware and force it to restart.

Apple Watch with a fully charged battery should have a battery life of at least 18 hours, and complete charging should take about two hours.

An icon of a lightning bolt appears on the screen of an Apple Watch after a reasonable charge. When the power is low, the lightning bolt appears red. 

You can claim your Apple Watch warranty if your Apple Watch battery isn’t charging and the warranty is still valid. Apple Stores can fix or replace an Apple Watch with a problem under warranty.

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