Can I Shower With an Apple Watch?

If you have a habit of wearing an Apple watch all the time, you might ask, “can I shower with an Apple watch?” Wearing a wearable device throughout your waking hours is ideal, although using third-party apps Apple watch can also track your sleep. Your Apple Watch might be making you wonder if you should remove it before you hop in the shower. So, should you remove it?  

In short, it depends on the model you are using. Apple Watch Series 1 and first-generation models can withstand splashes and rain but are not submerged deeply. Series 2 and later models can be worn during showers but should avoid contact with soaps, shampoo, and lotions. However, experts do not recommend users wear any Apple watch while showering.

Can I Shower with an Apple Watch?

Apple Watches Series 0 and Series 1 can withstand rain and light rain splashes without suffering from any damage. If you are wearing Series 2 and later models, you can wear them when you take a shower, but do not use soaps, shampoos, or lotions on them. 

Despite this, experts do not advise Apple Watch users to wear their watches while bathing. Apple does not offer waterproof Apple Watches, but the watches are claimed to be water-resistant. It is essential to distinguish between the two terms.

Why Should You Not Shower with an Apple Watch?

Apple Watches are not waterproof but water-resistant. The water-resistant materials can withstand small amounts of water, but not large quantities.

Apple Watch models vary in their level of water resistance, with some being more resistant than others. There is no doubt that the Apple Watch’s 1st generation and Series 1 watches are water-resistant. However, Apple does not recommend complete immersion.

You can utilize the Apple Watch Series 2 and onwards models when swimming. If you are in shallow water or if the water has a high velocity, you should not use them.

How Should I Prepare My Apple Watch for Shower Use?

Activating the Water Lock feature on your Apple Watch is essential before putting it in the water. A Water Lock feature is one of the many available features on the latest Apple Watch series, including Series 2 and onwards.

The smartwatch’s screen will automatically lock when it detects you’re in contact with water or if you command it to start swimming. In this way, you can avoid accidentally tapping the screen.

So, make sure you have activated the Water Lock on your Apple Watch before doing anything water-related, including showering.


Showering or people who submerge their watches in water may need to remove the water from their watches afterward. When you set your watch for water lock, the screen will automatically lock when you are showering and unlock when you are done. 

A smartwatch from Apple has many valuable features, including getting notifications and reading messages on your wrist, keeping track of calories burned, etc. However, many users usually ask if they can wear the watch while showering.

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