How To Know If An Apple Watch Is Charging?

You might wonder how to know if an Apple Watch is charging the first time you charge it. Many of us wouldn’t know what to do without the Apple Watch. The charging process is quick, but we’d rather not waste any time questioning whether the charge is happening. 

So, how do you know if your Apple Watch charging? You can see the charging on your Apple Watch by looking at the display. Lightning symbols on your watch show that it is charging. You might have to wait a while before the charging symbol appears on your watch when the battery has completely discharged.

Steps to Know If an Apple Watch Is Charging

Check your Apple Watch’s charging status by following the given steps.

  • On your iPhone, click the Today View icon. Swiping right on your home screen will allow you to do this.
  • If you don’t see the Batteries widget right away, please scroll down until you do. In the absence of a battery widget, you can add one.
  • You will see a lightning icon on your Apple Watch while charging.
  • If a red lightning bolt appears on the screen of your Apple Watch when you are wearing it or when connecting it to a charger, it means the battery is low. If your watch is charging while this happens, the charger is not providing power to your watch.

Further, various apps are also available that you can use to check the charging status on Apple Watch. “BatteryPhone” is an app that will notify you when the battery of your Apple Watch is getting low.

What If My Apple Watch Is Not Charging?

You might have a software or hardware issue with your Apple Watch if your Apple Watch is not charging. The most common cause of Apple Watches not charging is an obstruction blocking communication between the watch and the charger. 

Additionally, there could be a software issue, and once you have addressed this issue, charging will resume. Last but not least, the watch could be defective, which would require you to contact Apple for a replacement or seek a repair shop.


Many people have trouble telling if their watch is charging or not. If you plug your Apple Watch into a charging station, you can know if it’s charging. You will see a green lightning bolt on the screen when the watch connects to the charger for a few seconds. 

When you wear your Apple Watch or connect it to a charger, you may see a red lightning bolt on the screen; the battery is low if that happens. When this occurs, your watch isn’t receiving power from the charger. 

You should contact a professional repair person if your Apple Watch still does not charge after trying various troubleshooting methods.

Your Apple Store may help you repair your watch or give you a replacement. Especially if AppleCare is still active or if it is still under warranty. Should that not be the case, you’ll have to find a local electronics repair shop.

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