Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone?

If you want to text someone in the future on your iPhone, you might ask, “can you schedule a Text on your iPhone?” Consider sending chore reminders to your family weekly or automatically letting your family know when you’re home. When you schedule a text message, your message will arrive at the appropriate time to your intended recipient. But is it possible to schedule a text message?

Scheduling isn’t available in Apple’s Messages app, but a built-in app allows sending texts in the future. It is possible to schedule text messages on the iPhone, even though Apple did not directly include this capability in its messaging app. You will need to install third-party apps if you want to schedule text on your iPhone. 

Can You Schedule a Text on iPhone?

Using iMessage, you are not able to schedule messages for later delivery. However, it is possible to forward messages later on the iPhone with some third-party apps

If you want to schedule texts, install a reliable third-party application. Follow the given steps to schedule a text on your iPhone. 

  • Go to your phone’s Shortcuts app and open it.
  • There you will find the Automation tab; choose it. 
  • You can create personal automation if you have never done so before by tapping Create Personal Automations.
  • Previous automation will not appear if you have already created it. You can also tap the + icon on the top right side and choose the Create Personal Automation tap.
  • Click on Time of Day.
  • Select the time for the message to be sent.
  • You can adjust the date by tapping Month and scrolling down. Tap Next when finished.
  • Now choose to add an action.
  • From the Actions menu, tap Send a message, then select a contact.
  • Type your message, and then choose Next.
  • Be sure the details of the New Automation are correct. One particular feature to look out for here is the Ask Before Running option. This feature is on by default. Turning off Ask Before Running enables the automation to happen automatically without your participation.
  • Tap Done once you’re finished.

Which Third-Party App is Best to Schedule a Text on iPhone?

Installing a third-party app might be the best way to send a delayed message. It is possible to schedule texts for one-time sending and recurring ones using these apps. 

A few of the most popular apps on the App Store are Moxy Messenger and Carrier Messaging. Each of these apps has its features, and although they’re free to download, there are in-app purchases, so they are likely not completely free. 


It is possible to text immediately, but sometimes you may want to delay sending a message until a convenient time. However, you can do this by scheduling your texts in advance.  

You can’t schedule text messages in iMessage directly from within the app with an iPhone. The built-in Shortcuts feature on some iPhones allows you to set up recurring messages, so there is a possibility of doing this in some iPhone models.

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