Apple Watch Is Not Connecting to Phone

Is your Apple watch not connecting to the phone? If that is the case, then this article is for you. Apple Watches without an iPhone are greatly limited in its functionality. You should pair your smartwatch with your smartphone if it is not connected already. 

Pairing issues with the Apple Watch are usually resolved within minutes. A possibility is that your Apple Watch is too far away from your phone or that your phone is in a place blocking a clear signal. Bluetooth enables the watch and phone to pair, so proximity is vital. If you can bring them closer together, you may be able to resolve the problem.

Why the Apple Watch Is Not Connecting to the Phone & How to Fix it

In Apple Watch, you can only get notifications when your watch and the phone connection. When your Apple Watch does not connect to your iPhone, you might not be able to receive notifications, messages, and phone calls. 

After your device disconnect, your watch face will display a red iPhone icon or a red X icon. To check the status of your connection, open the Control Center. You’ll see a green iPhone icon when your Apple Watch reconnects.

Check Airplane Mode

If you see the disconnect icon, you should try ending and reestablishing a connection on your Apple Watch.

  • You can swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch’s watch face to get to the watch face.
  • Swiping to the right will bring up the Control Center.
  • Turning Airplane mode on requires tapping the airplane icon.
  • Turning it off requires tapping the icon again.

The devices should sync again after this process resets Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Reset

If that does not work, turn Bluetooth off your iPhone and then back on again.

  • You can access your iPhone’s settings by going to the Settings menu.
  • Find Bluetooth under Settings.
  • Press the Off switch.
  • Click the On button again.
  • To reconnect your Apple Watch with your iPhone, tap it.

Reboot Your iPhone 

You may be able to reconnect to the Internet in no time with a simple reboot.

  • Holding down the Sleep/Wake button reveals the slide to power off button. You can shut it down by launching the Settings app, clicking General, and then shutting down.
  • Once the button is slid to the right, the iPhone will shut down as soon as you press it.
  • The Apple logo will appear after you power down the device if you hold the Sleep/Wake button for several seconds.
  • When your iPhone has finished booting, check the Apple Watch connection.

Reboot Your Apple Watch 

You can perform these two steps in any order. Still, it is generally better to restart the iPhone before resetting the Apple Watch. By doing this, the watch will not have any problems when it boots up on the iPhone.

  • Just below the crown of the Apple Watch, there is a button you can press and hold.
  • To turn it off, slide the button to the right.
  • It is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • Click the digital crown following a few seconds of darkness to power on the Apple Watch again. An Apple logo will appear on the screen. Click the button again if the logo doesn’t appear.

Check Operating System for Updates

Especially before you perform troubleshooting steps that require deleting data from your iPhone, make sure you’re running the most recent version of the operating system.

  • Launch the iPhone’s settings app, choose General, then tap Software Update to find out what version of iOS you’re using. 
  • It is impossible to check the WatchOS version without an iPhone.

Reset the iPhone’s Network Settings

It allows the iPhone to store information about all its networks, making reconnecting easier. There is also the possibility that this data could be corrupted, preventing an iPhone from connecting to an Apple Watch. 

You may have to log into your home Wi-Fi network again after resetting this information. Be prepared by keeping the password in mind.

  • On the General page, select Reset.
  • Select the Reset Network Settings option. Verify your request by entering your passcode.


Apple Watches are significantly less functional without an iPhone. If you do not have your smartwatch paired with your smartphone already, you should do so now. Fortunately, Apple Watch pairing issues usually resolve within a short time.

If you have a problem connecting your Apple Watch to your phone, you might be too far away. The watch and phone must be within Bluetooth range to pair.

You can only receive notifications on Apple Watches when connected to your phone. There is a possibility that you may not receive notifications, messages, or phone calls from your Apple Watch if it does not pair with your iPhone. 

Once your device is no longer connected to your watch, it will display a red iPhone icon or red X icon. In the Control Center, check whether your device is connected. As soon as your Apple Watch connects, you will see a green iPhone icon.

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