How to Change My iPhone Hotspot Name?

“How to change my iPhone hotspot name” is a common concern for many iPhone owners. The name of your mobile hotspot usually is similar to your smartphone. Many people prefer to leave it as it is without any changes. 

Some users love to give their mobile hotspots a different and unique name. They believe that changing the hotspot name gives a phone a personalized touch. It also makes it simple to discover a shared hotspot. However, the challenge lies in changing the hotspot name in your iPhone. 

This is a straightforward process that involves a few quick steps. These steps will be discussed as you keep reading.

How Does Your Hotspot Work?

Many people are not sure how a hotspot works in reality. Therefore, it is essential to understand how your hotspot works before getting into how to change my hotspot name. It is needless to say that your smartphone can do much more than you expect. You can turn your phone into a portable Wi-Fi device whenever there is an emergency.

You may need to do so while you are on the move or in a location where there is no Wi-Fi connection. You can connect any device with your smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot. It may be your tablet, your laptop, or even another smartphone. Like searching for a specific Wi-Fi connection and then connecting with it using a password, you need to search for your hotspot name in your list of available Wi-Fi connections and connect to it.

Benefits of Using a Hotspot

In this modern era, where the internet plays a significant role in every person’s life, spending a single moment without Wi-Fi may seem difficult. As a result, mobile hotspots have gained immense popularity, especially among teenagers and youths. There are several benefits of using a hotspot connection.

Although you can send emails and work on your smartphone, there may be situations wherein you may need to work on a laptop or a computer. For example, your mobile hotspot becomes the sole internet source to help you work on your computer if you are traveling.

It is straightforward to use your mobile hotspot. All you need to do is turn on your hotspot, search for the hotspot’s name on the device that you wish to connect, and you are ready to go. There is no need for you to install any additional equipment for using your mobile hotspot.

It is safer to use your mobile hotspot than any random public Wi-Fi network. When you connect to public Wi-Fi, there is always a possibility of a virus attack on your laptop. However, this possibility is not there when you use your hotspot.

Your friends and family can also use your mobile hotspot without worrying about safety issues. For example, when you travel in a group to some secluded part of the country without any internet, you can always use your hotspot.

How to Change My iPhone Hotspot?

If you are an iPhone user and wish to change the name of your hotspot, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow. Irrespective of the iPhone you use and iOS is installed on the device. The steps are similar to all the models.

  • Click on “Settings” on your home screen.
  • Scroll down and go to the “General” tab. Open the tab by tapping it.
  • Tap and open “About.” It will be the first option on the list.
  • Go to the “Name” tab.
  • Delete the old name and type in a new name.
  • Click on “Done.”

As discussed above, changing your name on your iPhone will also change the name of your hotspot. The new list of available wireless networks will show the new name that you entered now instead of the last name. However, you will need to enter the password to connect other devices to the network.

You can always change your hotspot password by going to Settings>Personal>Hotspot>Wi-Fi password.


The next time you panic that your favorite coffee shop does not have a Wi-Fi connection, you can always switch to your mobile hotspot. It will be like the last hope for you when you need an internet connection dearly. Your mobile hotspot will allow you to connect to any device without worrying about virus attacks on your system.

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