Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow?

When you see the yellow battery icon on your iPhone for the first time, you might wonder, “why is my iPhone battery yellow?” Your battery icon may turn yellow from time to time. The battery icon is usually white and turns green when connected to a charger. So, what does the yellow color indicate?

When the battery icon on your iPhone is yellow, your device is in Low Power Mode. If you turn on this mode, your phone’s battery icon changes to yellow, indicating the active mode. Apple’s Low Power Mode helps extend the iPhone’s battery life, due to which many users prefer using it.

Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow?

In Low Power Mode, your iPhone displays a yellow battery icon to indicate that it is using low power. As soon as you turn on this mode, your phone will display a yellow battery icon to indicate that this mode is currently active. 

As a result, many users enjoy using Apple’s Low Power Mode since it allows the iPhone’s battery life to last longer. The phone can accomplish this by changing how some functions work within the device. 

You will notice a dimming of the brightness and a lack of mail fetching and Hey Siri functionality. Additionally, it will turn off all of the background applications constantly running. 

The phone’s battery life will last a little bit by doing this. With previous versions of iOS, this feature had to be manually disabled to avoid battery drain. 

Benefits of Yellow Battery on iPhone

As you now know, if your battery turns yellow, it indicates that your iPhone is in Low Power Mode. One can enjoy several benefits by turning on the Low Power Mode. 

With Low Power Mode, Apple has developed a way to extend the time between charges so you can use your iPhone for extended periods without having to charge it. 

The Low Power Mode on the iPhone automatically turns on when the iPhone battery reaches twenty percent. You can view how much power your device is using. 

As a result, some features will not work, such as Hey Siri, background app refresh, etc. You can keep your iPhone in Low Power Mode until the battery reaches 80% or until you turn it off manually.


If the battery in your iPhone is turning yellow, you might think there’s something wrong with your device. It is because yellow symbolizes caution and warning in other walks of life. 

When you activate the Low Power Mode, the battery icon on your phone changes from white/green to yellow. Because the feature is new and Apple didn’t inform anyone in advance, many users weren’t aware that the yellow iPhone battery icon was a regular option. 

The next version of iOS may include a window that explains why a yellow battery on an iPhone appears. The battery life of the phone will last a little longer this way. 

Previous versions of iOS required users to disable this feature manually to preserve battery life. Still, it is not the case with the latest iOS version.

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