Where Are Drafts On Instagram?

New Instagram users might find it challenging to locate the drafts feature and ask: “Where are drafts on Instagram?”. With over a billion users, the photo-sharing app Instagram began in 2011. While Instagram still primarily focuses on sharing photos, many new features have been added. A great example of such a feature is the ‘Drafts’ feature, which allows you to save photos. But where to find it?

You can do this by clicking on the “+” plus icon on your mobile device. Instagram will show you the “Library” with the “Recents” option, consisting of photos and videos taken with your phone. There you will find “Drafts.” The saved photo is available here. To open it, tap on “Drafts.”  

Where are Drafts on Instagram?

Getting to the draft posts you have saved for later is tricky. There isn’t a prominent button to take you there. Here’s how to find your draft posts.

  • First, you need to press the plus icon. By tapping on the plus (+) icon, Instagram allows you to upload a photo or video.
  • A photo gallery will appear if you tap the plus icon. There you will find the drafts section.
  • Now you’ll need to scroll down so that your drafts are visible.

By tapping on any saved post in the drafts section, you will be able to view the photo in the editor. The previously added caption and hashtag will automatically appear if you have saved the photo in the draft section. 

Once you’ve done that, you need only select the share button to publish the photo. By doing this, you will be able to save a lot of time as you will not have to think about a caption or tag when posting to Instagram through drafts.

Benefits of Instagram Drafts

When Drafts was not available, Instagram content editing was a one-way task. Adding filters, effects, or editing pictures midway through did not save. 

You could either publish or lose the changes forever if you didn’t complete editing all at once. Well, that’s no longer the case. Instagram has finally implemented the ability to save a draft of your images for later use.

Pressing the back button will reveal the option to save your draft once you have halfway edited the image. All your pictures awaiting publishing or further editing live in your Drafts folder.

Your posts are utterly customizable to your liking, and you have complete freedom to modify them as you please.


Drafts on Instagram offer a convenient way of editing and saving a post so you can share it later when you have time. You can edit your photo or video as usual on Instagram and choose any filter you want to apply to the image. 

After you take a picture, you edit it a little, then you write a caption, and you can save them as drafts rather than post them directly on Instagram. Taping your mobile phone’s back button will allow you to save a draft of the post.

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