What Does Navigation Mean On Instagram?

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you may have seen the word “navigation” mentioned and asked: “What does navigation mean on Instagram?”. There are numerous terms and features on Instagram that might confuse various users. One such term is “navigation.” So, what is it meaning?

The navigation is a unique feature of Instagram, but some of its insights can be challenging to interpret. The navigation tab can give you an idea of how people perceive your story. You can receive a general idea of the number of people leaving your story or watching it again by looking at their interaction statistics in the navigation tab.

What Does Navigation Mean on Instagram?

The navigation feature makes it possible to see how people feel about your posts. The navigation of your Instagram story will also show you how the user viewed it. 

However, it can sometimes be challenging due to some of its insights. The navigation tab will show you the number of viewers who left your story or watched it again.

It includes information such as how many people clicked on the “Back” button, “Forward” button, and “Next” button.

An Instagram story that uses “Back” as a navigational indicator is usually excellent. You can determine whether your previous post interests users using this information.

Conversely, clicking “Next story” or “Exit” usually means the viewer is gone. In any case, it does not indicate poor content.

Important Metrics in Navigation on Instagram

“Forward,” “Back,” “Next Story,” and “Exit Story” are the critical metrics in navigation. A viewer’s back button taps indicate how many times he has viewed the previous story.

An Instagram story that receives a lot of back button indicators that it has been viewed more than once since it has gained traction.

A viewer’s forward rate indicates how often they select the following story. Forward tapping allows viewers to advance through their Stories quickly.

Thus, if you look at various metrics, you will find that the Forward tap has the highest numbers. In Instagram stories, the following metric refers to when a user stops watching your stories and goes to someone else’s. 

You can use this metric to add many stories to Instagram to determine when you lose the most users. An Exit signifies that the user has finished watching stories and is exiting. 

There may be no relationship between this and your story, and it does not necessarily indicate the performance of your content. A user might leave the page to perform another task or swipe up to see their Instagram feed.


The key to growing your platform through Instagram stories is to keep your followers updated every day. 

In addition, you will need to provide your followers with quality content to keep their interest. However, by using the navigation feature, you can learn about the quality of your content.

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