How To Delete Facetime Calls On MacBook?

Many users who do not have much experience using Mac devices usually ask, “how to delete a facetime call on a MacBook?” Facetime makes video chatting easy. It’s an easy way for Apple users to keep in touch. Apple users love it without a doubt. iPhones and Macs can communicate with each other using calls. But is it possible to delete a facetime call, and how to do it?

The history of your Facetime calls is probably long on your Mac if you regularly use it. If you want to remove a specific call, you can control-click it and select “remove from recent.” If you desire to remove all recent FaceTime calls, select FaceTime and then choose “remove all recent.”

Reasons Why Should You Clear FaceTime Call History?

Your Mac may need to delete Facetime history for a variety of reasons. There are many valid reasons to clear Facetime history on a Mac, but the best reason is to free up space on the device.

Call logs take up a substantial amount of space on your device. Due to this, it affects your device a lot. It would be a great idea if clearing the Facetime history on your Mac became a habit. You could be wasting a lot of valuable space. 

Imagine how much space you will get. The good news is that deleting the Facetime history on Mac is not tedious. The directions below will show you how to quickly delete the Facetime calls on your Mac.

How to Delete FaceTime Calls on Your Mac?

Using these steps, you can delete Facetime calls on your Mac. If you delete them, you will have plenty of space.

  • You can use the Finder to find the Facetime app on your device.
  • Open the Facetime app on your device.
  • Once you open the app, click on All or Missed (if the option is displayed).
  • Choose which call you wish to delete. You can control-click it to do so.
  • You can remove the contact from the list by selecting Remove from Recent contacts. Please note that you will only remove one contact from the list.
  • Removing all recent calls is the best option if you wish to delete all recent calls. All your recent calls will no longer appear in the All and Missed panes if you do this.

When you remove recent calls from your Mac, they will automatically remove from any other devices you use FaceTime the next time your sync occurs. If you make a new call to your phone the next time, the call will appear on a new list of recent calls. 

It is impossible to turn off FaceTime from logging in and displaying recent calls. If you want the call to remain private, you must remove it from the list after the call is over.

Viewing Recent Phone Calls

Unless you have removed it, you will most likely find FaceTime by clicking on right-clicking or control-clicking in the Dock. The contextual menu will show you your recent contacts if you have recently made a call; this is the list of your recent contacts.

You can launch FaceTime from the Applications folder or Spotlight if it is not already present in the Dock. Any calls that have recently occurred will appear on the left-hand side of the window.

Clear Browsing History 

You’ve been successful in removing all data from FaceTime. In that case, you may wish to delete your browsing history to ensure that your call history and everything that preceded your call are entirely anonymous. We can delete our browsing history.

  • CleanMyMac X, the app mentioned above, takes care of many more items than simply erasing history in your browser. 
  • Alternative to CleanMyMac, CleanMyMac X is a free app.
  • You should download and install CleanMyMac X on your Mac if it’s not already installed.
  • Navigate to the Privacy tab and click.
  • To scan, click on Scan.

The browser will ask you to quit if it is open. If you’re asked to do so, make sure any work you’re doing has been saved, then click Quit. Go to the browser you would like to remove the data from, and click Remove.


Several reasons may lead to your Mac deleting a Facetime call. However, freeing up space on the device is the most popular reason. Your device will take up considerable space if you keep call logs. 

Because of this, your device will take up a lot of space. You could save a lot of space if you regularly cleared the Facetime history on your Mac. It would save you a lot of space.

It is not difficult to delete the Facetime history on your Mac. You can control-click a call to remove it from your recent list and choose “remove.”

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