Speedway Gift Card – How To Check Your Balance Quickly and Easily

Are you interested in knowing the balance of your Speedway Gift Card? A Speedway convenience store and a Speedway gas station are located in Enon, Ohio. The Midwest region reported that since 2012, there had been seven Speedway stations in operation. But what is their Speedway Gift Card balance?

With Speedway Gift Cards, you can shop as conveniently as with credit, without dealing with finance charges or monthly bills. In addition to being redeemed for gasoline and merchandise, Speedway gift cards never expire. Speedy Cash Prepaid Fuel Card is available to purchase only fuel. Still, they also offer a Speedy Cash Prepaid Gas Card.

What Is Speedway?

In Enon, Ohio, Speedway operates convenience stores and gas stations. In 2012, there were seven Speedway stations in the Midwest region.

Today, there are 32 Speedway stations in 32 states. It is the largest convenience store chain in central Ohio and was owned by Marathon Petroleum Corporation until 2021.

What Is a Speedway Gift Card?

The Speedway Gift Cards give you the ease, convenience, and power of a credit card without worrying about the monthly bill or finance charges. 

In addition to having the ability to purchase merchandise and fuel with your Speedway gift card, they will never expire. The company can design customized gift cards ranging from $5 to $9,999.

Besides having a Speedy Cash Prepaid Fuel Card that you can use for only fuel, the company also offers a Speedy Cash Prepaid Gas Card. 

It is possible to replenish Speedy cards at their website or in-store. Other gift cards, such as those from Amazon, Audible, Darden, Google Play, and Darden, are also available through Speedway stores. You can enjoy all the benefits, convenience, and power of a credit card without worrying about paying a monthly fee.

How to Check Your Speedway Gift Card Balance

To check the Balance of a Speedway Gift Card online, you must do the following:

You can check the balance of your Speedway Gas gift card online by going to the Gift Cards section of their website. It is now possible to view the balance on your Speedy Cash gift card by clicking on the link. Input your Gift Card Number and Access Code to view your Speedy Cash gift card balance. 

They have made it very easy for you to check the balance of your Speedway Gas gift card online or by calling us at 1-866-836-6841. The cashier can check the balance on your behalf at any Speedway Gas store.

To enquire about a balance check, follow this method if you wish to contact customer service:

  • Call 1-800-643-1948 if you would like to contact customer service online.
  • Follow the instructions carefully when contacting customer support.
  • To check the card balance, you must choose the helpline extension.
  • Then enter your card number.
  • You will receive a balance inquiry.
  • You can choose how to use the funds you have on your gift card once you have determined how much cash it contains. Below are a few ideas that may come to mind:
  • Visit a website that buys and sells gift cards if you want to sell the gift card. Beware that some of these platforms may be unreliable and shady. You probably won’t get the entire value of the gift card regardless of which option you choose.
  • Change your gift card for a Speedy Cash gift card using the exchange service. There are over 200 brands of gift cards accepted at Speedway. 
  • Speedway has a website dedicated to gift card trading. You can get instant offers by visiting the site, providing the merchant information and the remaining balance, and clicking “Get Instant Offer.”.
  • Click on Add Another Card to exchange multiple gift cards. The Speedway will tell you the value of your gift cards.
  • If you do not intend to use the gift card, you can give it to someone else. You might want to consider this gift if you know someone who is always on the go.
  • When shopping at the Speedway store, you can combine multiple Speedway gift cards to make your experience even more convenient.
  • The Speedway will refund the cash on your gift card. A company policy states that gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash, but that is where they come into play.


The Speedway chain of convenience stores is the second-largest chain in the country. In addition to its headquarters in Enon, Ohio, Speedway operates along the Midwestern and East Coast of the United States under its namesake brand. 

At the core of Speedway’s brand is its Speedway Rewards program. Using Speedway Gift Cards is as convenient as having a credit card without the hassle of a monthly bill or finance charges. 

Speedway gift cards are not only redeemable for merchandise and fuel, but they will also never expire. Companies can purchase customizable gift cards from the company for any amount between $5 and $9,999. 

You can give the gift card to someone else if you are not going to use it. Someone who is constantly on the move might appreciate such a gift. To make your shopping experience even more convenient, you can combine multiple Speedway gift cards. 

You will receive a refund on your Speedway gift card. Generally speaking, company policies prohibit the redemption of gift cards for cash, but they are an exception to this rule. Once you determine how much money you have remaining on the gift card, you can choose how you want to use it.

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