How to Delete all Messages from an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a convenient and excellent device for communication without reaching for your iPhone. One of the many benefits is receiving messages and notifications as you would on your device. However, sometimes you have to delete all messages from an Apple watch to free up space.

Sadly, there’s no way to delete all messages from an Apple Watch at once. While it’s possible to clear all messages from your iPhone, the same doesn’t apply to the Watch. Instead, you can delete each thread by first opening the messaging app on your Apple watch. Swipe left on the conversation you wish to erase and press the red trash can icon. 

If you’re seeking ways to delete all messages from an Apple Watch, you’re on the right page. Learn all you should about removing conversations from the Apple Watch.

How to Clear Messages from Your Apple Watch

All Apple Watch models offer access to any messages received via the iPhone’s Messages app. It’s an excellent device for keeping track of your SMS and conversations. You can view your current chats, start new ones, react to existing ones, and even use voice dictation and Memoji tools. 

Things become a little more complicated when it comes to cleaning and removing messages. If you’re having difficulty with this on your Apple Watch, the following information will help.

Let’s begin with clearing your Apple Watch messages. When you receive a new notification, you can clear it from your screen in simple steps. If you wish to remove notices from your Apple Watch’s screen, do the following:

  • Swipe down on your Apple Watch from the top
  • Swipe the notification to the left
  • To clear/dismiss it, tap the red ‘X’ icon

You do this to all Apple Watch notifications, including messages. Furthermore, your device notices are linked with your iPhone. When you delete message alerts on your iPhone, you delete them on your Apple Watch.

How to Delete all Messages from an Apple Watch

Removing Apple Watch messages is not as simple as clearing messages from your device’s screen. Messages are synced between the Apple Watch and iPhone regarding notifications and delivery. However, deleting texts doesn’t operate in the same fashion.

In other words, removing a message on your iPhone does not remove the information from the Apple Watch. To erase messages from your Apple Watch, take these steps:

  • On your Apple Watch, open the Messages app
  • Swipe left to delete the chat.
  • To delete it, tap the red garbage symbol.

Remember, this deletes that person’s whole thread of messages. You can’t delete individual Apple Watch messages, and users cannot remove all of their messages at once. The only option is to erase bulk information from your contacts individually.


The fact that you can’t delete all messages from an Apple Watch at once doesn’t mean you can’t clear the information. You can choose to delete the whole thread of each contact.

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