Can You Use an Apple Watch With an Android Phone?

If you are an Android phone user who also owns an Apple Watch, you might inquire, “can you use an Apple watch with an Android phone?” Apple’s Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches due to its design, features, and overall experience. Due to this, Android phone users might want to connect their device with the Apple watch? So, is it possible?

Attempting to pair two Apple Watches with an Android phone does not work. It’s unlikely that Apple’s Watch will ever work with anything other than iPhones. Even if your device supports Bluetooth connectivity, connecting Android with an Apple watch is impossible.

Can You Use an Apple Watch with an Android Phone?

The pairing of two Apple Watches with a phone running Android is not possible. Watches from Apple won’t work with anything but iPhones. 

The Apple Watch can only function on your iPhone if you have the Apple Watch app installed. Although Bluetooth connectivity is available on your device, connecting an Apple Watch to an Android device is impossible.

 However, there is no limit to using the two devices simultaneously. The Apple Watch can serve as a way for you to track your daily activity without taking your iPhone with you. 

It’s also possible to have standalone apps running on the wearable if you have an LTE Apple Watch. It will harm the Apple Watch’s battery, but it is possible.

Why Can’t You Use Apple Watch with Your Android Phone?

An Android phone will not allow you to set up the Apple watch due to a difference in the operating system. Since Apple Watch will use your Apple ID, you must also use your own iPhone. 

Your old iPhone will still work as long as Apple supports it. Smartwatches often work in conjunction with smartphones as their primary function. Still, the inability to pair the Apple Watch with Android makes it inconvenient to own both. 

It would be best to connect the Apple Watch to an iPhone in the initial setup process. If an Android phone user can’t access an iPhone, they won’t be able to use an Apple Watch.  


Apple Watches can perform various functions, and they’re beneficial for tracking health and fitness. But there is no communication between Apple Watch and Android Phone; because both the devices are still technical incompatibilities. 

Nevertheless, you can use some basic Watch features without an iPhone if you set up your Watch with LTE. You can expect a reduction in functionality and a faster drain on your Apple Watch battery if you do so. 

So, Apple Watch will not work with any of your Android devices. It’s better to pick up a smartwatch that works with your Android phone if you prefer it over iOS.

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