Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Zooming In?

If your Apple Watch is zoomed in and won’t move, you might wonder, “why does my Apple Watch keep zooming in?” Zooming in on your Apple Watch lets you see what’s on the screen more clearly. But why is your Apple Watch constantly zooming in?

Your Apple Watch probably has Zoom enabled and is set to the maximum range, due to which your Apple Watch keeps zooming in. Uncheck the Zoom setting on the Apple Watch to fix this problem. So, you can remove Zoom from your watch if you do not wish to enlarge the screen.

Reason Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Zooming In

If you have Zoom activated on your Apple Watch, you have probably set it to the maximum range, so your Apple Watch keeps zooming out. 

If you wish to fix this issue, turn Zoom off on your Apple Watch. Besides, it can also be a temporary glitch if you have not turned the zoom-in option. 

If you change your watch’s accessibility settings, you can correct this temporary glitch. It’s essential to keep in mind that while doing so, you won’t be able to magnify the screen of your Apple Watch.

What Can I Do to Fix the Zoomed in Issue on My Apple Watch?

Apple Watches that zoom in on their own are often too close to read or navigate. In this case, you may find it convenient to disable Apple Watch zoom. Follow the given steps to fix the zoomed-in issue on your Apple Watch.

  • For access to your Apple Watch’s Home Screen, enter the Passcode.
  • Display icons by pressing the Digital Crown button. Choose Settings from the menu.
  • To access the accessibility settings, scroll down.
  • Locate the Zoom option under Vision in Accessibility. You can enlarge text and change its view when Zoom is on by turning the Digital Crown.
  • Put the switch in the Off position.
  • The Apple Watch will no longer be able to zoom. When zooming is off, a message will appear on the watch.
  • Check to see if the issue persists by restarting your Apple Watch.

You should have resolved the issue by now. When your Apple Watch screen becomes difficult to read, you can always enable this feature from the watch settings.


When you zoom in on the Apple Watch display, you can see it more closely and magnify it. If you have a visual impairment, you can use the Zoom feature on your Apple Watch.

Those who don’t need to enlarge the display of their watches can turn off Zoom. It will work if you navigate the Settings app while zooming in on your watch face. Reading texts directly from your wrist is easy with this useful feature.

If Apple Watches zoom in on their own, there is a way to fix it without restarting it or adjusting the magnified screen. This article will help you know why my Apple Watch keeps zooming in so that you can fix it easily.

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