Apple Watch Is Connected But Is Not Syncing

The Apple Watch can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family even when you’re far apart. You can keep tabs on your fitness and exercise goals, notifications, and appointments, all from your wrist. However, as smart devices continue to grow more popular, so do the number of issues they experience. 

If your Apple Watch is not syncing or not syncing correctly, you can take a few steps to resolve the issue. The first step is to keep both devices closer together and ensure that they have all the proper settings. Another option is force-restarting your watch and contact support if necessary.

This article will explain how to fix Apple Watch is Connected But Is Not Syncing and other Apple Watch connectivity issues.

Everything You Should Know About watchOS8?

Apple’s new watchOS 8 was released in September as the latest version of the operating system for the Apple Watch. watchOS 8 is packed with new features, including a new design, Siri support, gym workouts, and a more robust app ecosystem.

The Benefit Of Syncing Apple Watch With Your iPhone

Syncing your Apple Watch with your iPhone will ensure that the watch uses the latest software. All the notifications, messages, and other data from your phone will be sent to the watch. This is particularly important if you’re having issues with your Apple Watch not connecting or syncing with your iPhone.

Unfortunately, syncing your Apple Watch with your iPhone will also delete all the data from the watch, so make sure you have a backup. You can sync the Apple Watch again with your iPhone at a later time.

Why is Your Apple Watch Connected But Not Syncing

Your Apple Watch is not connecting or syncing with your iPhone because of something you’ve done on your end. The most common reason for this is that your Apple Watch and iPhone are too far apart. The Apple Watch needs to be within about 50 feet (15 meters) of your iPhone for the two devices to sync.

It’s also possible that your iPhone is not allowing the watch to sync. The iPhone can block the watch from syncing if it’s constantly alerting or if the iPhone is asleep and the watch is trying to sync.

How to Fix If Apple Watch Connected But Not Syncing

Sometimes, getting your Apple Watch to sync with your iPhone can be challenging. If your Apple Watch isn’t syncing with your iPhone, it isn’t recognizing it. Maybe you’ve tried several times, and it’s still not working. Maybe you’re wondering if your Apple Watch is broken. No worries, we’ll be showing you a few different ways you can do to fix your Apple Watch not syncing to your iPhone.

Keep Both Devices Closer

If your Apple Watch and iPhone are close together, you may be able to solve the issue by moving your iPhone closer to your watch. The watch will then see the iPhone as a new device, and it will sync with it. If your iPhone and watch are close together, move your iPhone to a different room to test if it’s still connecting or not.

Make Sure The Setting On Both Devices Are Okay

If your watch is still not connecting to your iPhone, you can try checking the settings on the phone and watch. From the iPhone’s Settings app, select Apple Watch. From the Apple Watch app, tap General > About. The information you need should be displayed here, including the version of the software and the last time it was synced with your iPhone.

Ensure that the information displayed on both devices is identical and that there are no typos or other mistakes. If the information is correct, but the watch is not syncing, try restarting both devices. Try moving the phone and watch farther apart, or try a different charging cable or both.

Force-restart Your Watch

If neither of these solutions works, you can also try restarting both devices. From the iPhone’s Settings app, select Apple Watch. From the Apple Watch app, tap General > Sleep/Wake. Select the Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown button to turn the watch off. Wait a few seconds, and then press the button on the watch again to restart it.

Once the devices are back up and running, try syncing again. You may have to try this a few times before the watch syncs with the iPhone.

If the issue persists, try these additional steps:

  • From the iPhone’s Settings app, select Apple Watch. From the Apple Watch app, tap General > Reset. The Apple Watch will then restart, and when it’s back up and running, try syncing again.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, your only other option is to take your watch to an Apple Store for repairs.


Apple has released a wealth of information on using the Apple Watch and all the various health and fitness tracking features. If you’re trying to sync your watch with your iPhone and it’s not working, and you’ve tried all of these tips, but it’s still not working,  you may need to check the information in Apple Support Center to get your Apple Watch working again.

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