How to Dial an Extension on an iPhone?

If you want to know how to dial an extension on an iPhone easily, this article is for you. When you call a specific extension regularly, going through multiple automated steps to get to the extension becomes a little annoying. 

So, how can you dial an extension on an iPhone efficiently? It is a straightforward task to dial an extension on an iPhone. The only thing you need to do is dial a number on the phone and then press the asterisk key. You can also save phone number extensions that you regularly call in your Contacts.

Steps to Follow to Dial an Extension on an iPhone

On an iPhone, you can dial an extension by following these steps.

  • You need to open the Phone application.
  • You then need to dial the main number you wish to call.
  • Press the asterisk key for a long time until you see a comma appear. When you put a comma after the number, it will act as a pause and give your phone a clue that it is dialing an extension number.
  • After the comma, type the extension number.
  • You can dial straight to whoever you’re trying to reach by tapping the green phone button.

If you want to dial the same extension frequently, you should follow the following steps to make things easier.

  • Choose the suitable option to add, update, or delete on the phone number type screen.
  • Tap the +*# button when waiting for a phone-tree prompt. You can find it below the screen.
  • You will notice that a whole new set of options will appear. Click the Pause button when the cursor reaches the end of the phone number. Commas will appear. 
  • Now, continue dialing the remainder of the phone number.
  • Finally, tap the Done button to save your changes.

Tips for Dialing Extensions on the iPhone

Adding more than one pause before your iPhone dials an extension can ensure that the phone system sends you to the correct destination when the options are spoken slower. 

Just tap the Pause button more than once. If you need to, add as many pauses as the phone system requires. It’s better to use Wait instead of Pause if you’re unsure how long pauses should last. 

Consider adding different types of pauses at various stages of an operation if there are separate waiting times.


It is easy to make phone calls to extensions. Users of the iPhone can also easily add extensions to their phone contact list. It is easy to enter the extension number by going to the contact app, finding the number, clicking edit, tapping the plus icon, and entering it.

Adding multiple pauses before connecting extension numbers is possible by clicking Wait. ‘Wait’ acts as a longer pause than ‘Pause’ does on most phone systems. You can dial straight to your extensions if you’re extremely busy.

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