How To Delete Messages On Instagram From Both Sides

If you have ever sent a DM on Instagram to the wrong person, you know the dread you feel when you realize your mistake. And in this instance, it’s useful to know how to delete messages on Instagram from your side and that of the receiver.

The good news is that the photo-sharing app has features that allow you to delete messages on Instagram from both sides. You can use the unsend button embedded in the app to achieve your desired result. However, while there are a few ways to unsend the messages on Instagram, there may also be some restrictions. 

This article will break down all the steps you should take to delete those pesky Instagram messages you’ve sent in error. 

How to Delete Messages You’ve Sent on Instagram from Both Sides

Step 1: Go To the DM Section on Instagram

Open the Instagram application on your phone. The message icon is situated on the top-right corner of the home page. Tap on the icon, and your conversations will pop open. 

Step 2: Search for the Conversation in Question 

Scroll through the listed conversations to find the one in which your message is listed. Alternatively, you can search for the username of the person you sent it to find the conversation and message. Then open the conversation.

Step 3: Delete the Messages

To delete these messages from both sides, long press and hold on the message you want to delete. A menu with the following three options will appear: “Unsend Message,” “Copy Text,” and “Like.” 

Tap on the “Unsend Message” option, and that particular message will be deleted. You will not have to select another option to ensure the message is also removed on the other user’s side. The “Unsend Message” option will automatically delete messages from both sides. 

An added benefit when deleting messages on Instagram is that there’s no time limit to when you can perform this action. For instance, a similar feature on WhatsApp only allows you a limited timeframe within which to delete the message for everyone. But on Instagram, you can delete the message you’ve sent on both sides at a later date.

How to Delete All Messages on Instagram from Both Sides

The above method aids you to delete messages on Instagram from both sides but just those you’ve sent. What if you need to delete the messages someone else has sent you? It’s possible. But to achieve this, you must follow a different procedure. Below is a detailed guide on deleting all the messages in a conversation with someone on Instagram from both sides. 

Step 1: Select the Conversation

Go to Instagram. Open the messages feature on the top-right corner. Now scroll through or search via the search bar and open the conversation you want to delete. 

Step 2: Open the Conversation Menu

You’ll spot three vertical dots in the screen’s upper-right corner when you open a conversation. When tapping on those vertical dots, a menu will pop up. 

Step 3: Unsend and Delete For All

You’ll see the “Delete Conversation” option in the pop-up menu. After tapping on this option, you will be given the options to delete just this conversation or all conversations. From the two options, select “Delete All Conversations.” After this, all conversations with the person will be deleted on Instagram from both sides. 

Will the Receiver Still Receive a Notification?

This is another query that worries those who have sent a message to the wrong person on Instagram. Even if you’ve deleted it immediately, did the person receive a notification? Or were you saved the potential embarrassment?

The person you messaged will receive a notification when the message lands in their inbox. But the notification will be removed when the message has been deleted from both sides. 

Whether or not the receiver saw the notification is another question entirely. If the person was online, chances are that the notification was seen. If the person is not online, the notification may have disappeared when they had the chance to see it.


It should be noted that blocking a contact does not delete messages you’ve sent each other. The blocked person will still have access to all messages sent and received before you blocked them. To ensure your Instagram message is deleted for both parties, it’s to go with one of the methods described above.

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