HBO Max: Clear Watch History

If you’re an HBO Max subscriber, you may be wondering how to clear your watch history. Clearing your watch history isn’t complicated, and it could be beneficial to your privacy.

The HBO Max “Clear Watch History” feature allows HBO Max customers to clear the record of shows and movies they’ve watched. This can be helpful if you want to keep your watch history private. Or if you share an HBO Max subscription with someone else and don’t want them to see your watch history. The process is pretty simple and can be completed in a few quick steps.

Besides clearing the whole watch history, there’s an option to manually remove the selected “Continue Watching” items from the list. Moreover, the watch history items on the HBO Max list are the same across all your devices. 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re clearing it from a Mac or PC using any browser or mobile device. Removing your history from one device will clear your history from all devices linked to your account. 

This article will walk you through a detailed guide on clearing your watch history on HBO Max. We’ll show you this quick and easy process, step by step. 

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is the second most prominent subscription-based on-demand streaming service globally. It was launched in 2020 by WarnerMedia. And as of December 2021, it boasts an incredible 73.8 million monthly subscribers. 

According to the latest updates, HBO Max offers original movies and TV shows from HBO and WarnerMedia. The service also offers content from third-party providers. 

While subscription fees are low, friends and family often share subscriptions. This is because HBO Max allows you to run the app on three different devices per account. But when you share your subscription, everyone has access to the same account and account information. For this reason, many look for a way to clear their HBO Max watch history.

How to Clear Watch History on HBO Max? 

Like many great streaming services, HBO Max allows users to continue watching a movie or TV show they had started. The service automatically remembers where you left off, and the next time you log on, you start from that exact point. 

This is where you watch history on HBO Max comes in handy and why it’s a great feature to have. However, HBO Max servers automatically delete this watch history every 30 days. 

Still, many of its users want to know how to delete their watch history before 30 days for different reasons. For instance, one reason someone might want their watch history deleted is for the sake of privacy when sharing the service. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the process of clearing your watch history on HBO Max. 

Clearing your watch history on HBO Max is easy, and we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide below to help you through the process.

Step-By-Step Guide to Clear Watch History on HBO Max

Step 1

Log in to your HBO Max account from any browser you like to use. 

Step 2

Simply click on the ‘Account’ option that you can easily find in the top right corner of your screen on a PC. On the mobile app, it’s in the lower right corner. 

Step 3

Now click on the ‘Continue Watching’ option and wait until a pop-up menu appears. 

Step 4

Find the ‘Edit option on your device’s screen and click on it. 

Step 5

Here, you’ll see a list of your viewing history. Click on the three dots on the video you want to delete from your HBO Max’s watch history, and press ‘Remove.’ 

Step 6

If you want to clear your entire watch history, click on the ‘Clear all’ option. 

Step 7

Now click on the ‘Done’ button to save your changes and complete the process. 


HBO Max is a great new on-demand streaming service initiative from WarnerMedia. The service saves all your recently watched videos in your ‘Continue Watching’ section. And this allows you to start watching exactly where you left off. 

But if you’d like to clear your watch history before the scheduled 30-day purge, you should follow the steps stipulated above. This will ensure that your privacy is maintained when sharing the service with friends and family.

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