How To Reply To A Message On Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram, you might ask, “how to reply to a message on Instagram?” The fastest-growing social network is undoubtedly Instagram. Users can communicate and share photos and other content quickly. You can even send a message or reply to a message as you wish. But how to do that?

Open the conversation; an icon will appear to the side of the message that looks like a three-dot matrix. Selecting “Reply” will provide you with additional options. A prompt will appear once you have typed your reply. Once you do this, your reply will be attached to the specific message.

Methods to Reply to a Message on Instagram

The following methods will help you reply to a message on Instagram.

Method 1: Replying to an Instagram Message Through a Smartphone

While using a smartphone, you can respond to an Instagram message by following these steps:

  • If you want to access your messages, tap the messaging icon on your feed.
  • From your messages list, select the conversation you wish to access.
  • Look for the specific message you want to reply to in the person’s message list. Open the message by tapping the arrow icon, or press and hold the bottom tab to select “Reply.”
  • A message attachment will appear above the text box. You can then enter your reply and send it.
  • You can see the message you need to reply to in the conversation as it appears in quotes. If you would like to reply, you can click reply first at the bottom.

Method 2: Replying to an Instagram Message Through PC

In addition to the Instagram mobile app, Instagram’s desktop version also has a new feature that will allow you to reply to a specific message. The process is as follows:

  • Visit your web browser and open up Instagram.
  • To access the messenger, click the top-right icon in the feed.
  • There, you can start a conversation and respond to messages.
  • You will see a three-dot icon to the side of the message.
  • If you select “Reply,” you will see suggested options.
  • Once you type your reply, you will receive a prompt to send it. By doing this, you will attach your response to the original message.

You can communicate with friends more effectively by knowing how to respond to a specific Instagram message. You should enable automatic Instagram updates to keep your account up to date.


Instagram is among the most popular social networks in terms of the number of users. Facebook has now integrated Instagram and Messenger with cross-app texting

The Instagram messaging application has received additional features similar to messenger with this change. Among the new features on Instagram is the ability to add personalized emoji reactions, vanish mode, etc.

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