How To Convert PDF To Google Slides

Are you having trouble converting PDFs to Google Slides and wondering how to convert PDF to Google Slides? With Google Docs, users can create a wide range of documents for free online, resulting in their popularity and usefulness. However, sometimes you might also require converting PDF to Google Slides. But how to do that?

You can convert PDF files to Google Slides with the help of an online converter. Drag the target document into the PDF or add it by choosing “Choose File.” Once you have uploaded your file, click “Convert.”. It will result in the conversion of your PDF file to Google Slides.

How to Convert PDF To Google Slides

You may wish to convert a PDF file into Google Slides, but you don’t want to change pages constantly. Converting a PDF to Google Slides and converting each slide is very simple. Following are the methods to do so.

Method No 1: Online Conversion

An online PDF converter makes it easy to convert PDF files to Google Slides for free.

  • Click “Choose File” to upload your target PDF or drag and drop it to the page where you choose to convert PDF to Google slides.
  • Click “Convert” when you’re done uploading.
  • After converting them, you can download the converted slides to your drive or upload them to your Google Slides account.

Method No 2: Import a PDF as an Image into Google Slides

In Google Slides, showing a PDF as an image is the most efficient and effective way to display it. Check out these short steps for how to do it.

  • By using PDF tools, you can convert PDF files into images. You can also take screenshots of the section you want to include as a PDF file.
  • After you convert the PDF file, you can open the Google Slides presentation.
  • Insert the picture by uploading it to a slide and tapping the sign to insert it.
  • You can then insert your image into your slides by clicking on ‘Image’ > ‘Download From Computer.’

Method No 3: Use a PDF Converter

You can convert PDF files easily to Google Slides using PDFelement.

  • PDFelement launches by clicking the “Open files” button or selecting a PDF from Recent Files in the Home window. Dropping a file into this window will open it.
  • When you click the “Convert” > “To PPT” button, you can convert PDF into PowerPoint.
  • It is possible to add a PDF file to Google Slides by clicking the file picker icon.


You can create, format, and collaborate on presentations with Google Slides. There is no cost for using Google Slides since it is free.

You might be able to find Google Slides to be very beneficial if you are an employee or a student. 

Some tools can help you convert a PDF file, but it is not easy. Maintaining quality is the most challenging part of the conversion process.

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