How To Open RAR Files On iPhone?

It’s not easy to open ZIP and RAR files on iPhones, which might make you wonder, “how to open RAR files on iPhone?” People nowadays prefer to use RAR files since it reduces file sizes by compressing files. But how to open such files?

You will need to install and launch iZip on your iPhone to open RAR files. From the main menu, choose “Document Browser.” Select the RAR file using the file browser in the directory where it is present. A preview will appear next. An unzipping confirmation prompt will appear. Click “OK.” Now your RAR file is ready to open.

Methods to Open RAR Files On iPhone

The following methods will allow you to open RAR files on an iPhone.

Method 1: Opening RAR Files Using the iZip App

iZip is a well-known file management app that you can use to access your RAR files. Be sure to download and install the newest version of iZip before you go further:

  • Install iZip and open it onto your iPhone.
  • After that, find and tap the “Document Browser” icon on the main screen.
  • Once that’s done, the native file browser will appear on your device. A list of your recent files will appear by default. You can select a specific file by selecting “Browse.”
  • Use the file browser to locate the RAR file and select it.
  • Upon clicking this, iZip will display a message that it has imported your file. To continue, click “Yes.”
  • After that, you will get a preview of your file. After you receive a preview, you will see what the file contains. Upon unzipping the files, you’ll also receive a confirmation message. Select “OK.”
  • All files will appear on your phone instantly. By tapping on each file, you can view it.

By doing so, you can open RAR files.

Method 2: Opening RAR Files Using Online Extractor

An online extractor, such as Unzip Online, can help you extract a small RAR file if you’d rather not install an app. It is also helpful if you need to open a RAR file at work or school without installing software.

  • Choose a file from the Choose File page of the Unzip uncompressed.
  • Click the “Upload” button to upload a RAR file.
  • Next, choose the “Uncompressed File” button.
  • Wait, as the extraction will take some time.
  • Identify the file that you wish to restore.
  • Select “Allow.”
  • Afterward, on your iPhone, the file will begin to download.

It allows you to open RAR files on your iPhone using Unzip Online.


Most individuals prefer using RAR files because they reduce the size of the files by compressing them. This format allows users to save large amounts of data on limited storage space. 

Furthermore, compressed files, such as RAR, typically transfer faster than uncompressed files since they are smaller. Many people have WinRAR installed on their PCs for extracting and viewing RAR files. 

However, how about if you use an iPhone? You will get to know how to extract RAR files on iPhones using different methods through this article.

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