How to Combine Videos on iPhone?

If you shoot many videos using your iPhone, you might want to learn how to combine videos on your iPhone. This knowledge is necessary for professional video editors and anybody in the videography business.

There are numerous apps to help you combine videos on your iPhone. However, many iPhone users prefer to use the free iMovie app, readily available on almost every iPhone model.

If you wish to combine videos on your iPhone using the free iMovie app, you must follow a few simple steps. Once you click and open the app, it will direct you through a series of straightforward steps. First, you need to select the videos you wish to combine. Once you have selected all the relevant videos, click on “Create Movie.” The app will do the rest for you.

The Benefits of Combining Videos on iPhone

Most of you may wonder what good will it do to combine videos on your iPhone. Well, there are several benefits of combining videos on your device.

  • You can trim, crop, and edit your videos before combining them to make them run smoothly. This is especially necessary for people in the video or movie industry.
  • Combining videos will also enable you to add filters and captions and do much more. It is like molding a raw product into something you prefer.
  • If the situation on the video demands, you can also add some lovely background music while combining your raw videos.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone?

The best way to merge videos on your iPhone is with the free iMovie app. And it’s extremely simple to use. The process will literally take a few clicks.

  • Click on the iMovie app and tap on “Continue.”
  • Tap on “Create Project.”
  • Select New Project and tap on “Movie.”
  • iMovie will start accessing all your recently added videos and photos. Tap on the “Media” option visible at the top of your screen on the left.
  • Go to “Video” and click on the video folder once you enter the Video page. Select “All” to view the movies on your iPhone.
  • Select the video that you wish to combine with other videos. Tap the checkbox on the pop-up to add the selected video to the video combination process.
  • You may also select other videos to combine. Select the checkbox proded to include the video.
  • Click on “Create Movie” once you have chosen all the videos you wish to combine.

You can preview the combined video on the My Movie screen. You may also add any transition between the different video clips. You can choose the transition style by selecting the cut point on the video. Select “Done” after finishing the process. 


Numerous apps on the Apple Store can help you combine videos. Although all of them work similarly, some of their features may vary. If you want to download an app that allows you to combine videos, you need to compare the different ones available to choose the best app.

Whether you are in the videography industry or any other profession, using an app to combine videos may be necessary at some point in time for many people.

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