How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone

If you often use your iPhone to record videos, learning how to slow down a video on your iPhone will be helpful. You may say that it is a neat trick that you should be aware of to use whenever necessary. After all, several moments seem magical if seen in slow motion.

It is pretty simple to slow down a recorded video. Although there are numerous apps on the Apple Store that you can choose to download, you will also find iMovie on your device. Open the app and tap on the speed button. You will notice a yellow bar at the bottom. Slide it right or left to determine the speed of playing a video. Sliding it to the right will increase, and sliding it to the left will decrease the rate of the video.

The Benefits of Slowing Down a Video

Most of you may wonder why slow down a video in the first place. It is often seen that specific videos give a significant effect if played in slow motion.

If you have recorded any video that you think will look better in slow motion, it will not be a bad idea to slow down its speed. You can get the rate back to normal if you do not like the slow-motion version.

How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone?

Suppose you do not wish to download any third-party software on your iPhone to alter the running speed of a video. In that case, you can always use the built-in iMovie app. It is straightforward to slow down a video using this app.

  • Leave your video open and tap a video clip in the timeline. This will reveal the inspector located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the Speed button to reveal a yellow bar at the bottom of the clip. It will have range handles at both ends.
  • If you wish to make ranges within a clip, you may drag any one of the range handles or tap Add in the inspector. This will create another range.
  • If you want to increase the speed of the video, drag the slider in the inspector to the right. On the other hand, drag it to the left if you want to decrease the speed.
  • If you are done modifying the speed, tap anywhere on the screen outside the inspector.


There was a time when actors had to act in slow motion for the cameraman to shoot it at a slower speed. However, times have changed, and technology has improved a lot. Today, people can record a standard video and alter its speed with the help of software. It does not involve a lot of time, effort, or headache.

If you use your iPhone to record moments, it makes sense to have such software. It can give you more variety as far as creating different types of videos is concerned. Thankfully, you can always bring the speed back to normal if you do not like the video at a reduced rate.

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