How To Unhide Apps On iPhone?

Sometimes an iPhone user may ask: “How to Unhide Apps on iPhone?”. It is pretty common to find iPhone users regularly downloading new apps on their devices. There are so many app to choose from in the Apple Store, that one cannot be blamed for being curious. Downloading apps is also not a significant problem since it takes just a few taps.

If you wish to unhide some of your apps on your iPhone, you need to go to the App Library. Then enter the app’s name on the search bar. And tap and hold the app once it appears in the search result. This will ensure that the app is automatically sent to the home screen.

The Benefits of Making Apps on iPhone Visible Again

Most of you may wonder why make apps reappear on the home screen when they were made to remain hidden. There are several benefits to allowing your apps to appear on the home screen again.

  • There’s no need to search for the app you want when you need it. All you have to do is tap on it and it will open up for you. There is no need to go back to the Apple store or the App Library and waste time finding it.
  • Getting your hidden apps visible again will help you understand whether you have any unnecessary apps on your iPhone or not. This will help you clear out the phone of all the unnecessary apps.

Disadvantages of Making Your Hidden Apps Visible Again

Like the pros, there are some cons to making your hidden apps visible again on your iPhone.

  • Getting your hidden back on the home screen will make the screen appear cluttered. In addition, this will take more of your time when you wish to find a specific app to use.
  • Making your apps visible again on the home screen will also mean letting all the prying eyes know about your apps.
  • Too many apps visible on your home screen may not suit your privacy.

How to Unhide Apps on iPhone?

If there is an app on your iPhone and you cannot find it, the app may be hidden in your App Library. Simply unhide it. The following straightforward steps will help you to unhide your apps on iPhone.

  1. Go to the App Library on the phone. You may have to swipe right to left through the different screens to find the app for the App Library.
  1. Type the app’s name into the search bar displayed on top. If you do not remember the app’s name, you may type one or two letters, and you will get the available options.
  1. Select the app’s name using the “tap and hold” method. Next, slide the app to the left without releasing your finger if it does not do so. This should result in your app being visible on the home screen.


Sometimes, making invisible apps visible again may be necessary. And doing so is a straightforward process to follow. Just a few clicks, and your hidden app will be visible again. However, this may make it simple to find an app but endanger your privacy.

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