How to Compress a Video On iPhone? 

Although the numerous high-quality iPhone upgrades have opened the doors to unlimited shooting possibilities, the question still lingers, “How to Compress a Video On iPhone?” Of course, using a DSLR will be your primary choice if you are a professional videographer.

But, it’s not practical to carry your heavy DSLR everywhere. In such situations, using a high-quality smartphone, such as your iPhone, will be a great alternative.

If recording videos with your iPhone is a simple job, storing and sharing them will be equally demanding. The best solution is to compress all the videos on your iPhone. And the process is easier than you might expect. Choose and download a video compressing software, open an app, choose the video you wish to compress, and adjust the video file size according to your requirements.

Benefits of Compressing Videos on iPhone

Sometimes, you may wonder about the reason behind compressing videos on an iPhone. However, there are several benefits involved.

  • It is easier to share smaller videos compared to larger ones.
  • Small videos consume less storage space as opposed to larger files.
  • Compressing a big video will help you keep a friendlier file-sized version.
  • It is straightforward to transfer small videos between different devices.
  • Small videos are also email-friendly.

Disadvantages of Compressing a Video on iPhone

There have to be some disadvantages of compressing videos on an iPhone if there are benefits. The following are some of the downfalls you might expect.

  • Compressing a video will result in compromising the quality of the video.
  • Even a crystal clear video after compression may appear grainy.

How to Compress a Video on iPhone?

Simply wanting to compress a large video file on your iPhone is not sufficient. You will require a suitable application to do so.

There are numerous apps designed reduce the size of large video files for easy sharing. However, it is wise to choose an app that best suits your needs. Here are the simple steps to compress a video on an iPhone.

  1. Download the video compressing app on your iPhone and save it.
  2. Open the app and follow the prompts to get everything set up. You may need to give the app permission to access certain information on your device. This is all part and parcel of successfully compressing a sizeable video file.
  3. Choose the video file type you desire.
  4. Select the video you would like to compress.
  5. Choose the size at which you wish to compress the video.
  6. Go ahead and compress the file.


Sometimes, there may be the need to reduce the size of a large video file. However, the best alternative is to edit the video properly.

Once you edit your video, there will be no need to compress the file further. Numerous apps on the Apple Store can help you compress a video file. Although they share similar features, some may be free, and others may come with a heavy price tag.

Choose the right app carefully. After all, it is a personal video on your iPhone that you wish to compress. It would be incredibly unfortunate if the app had to damage the quality of your video in any way.

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