How To Delete Highlights On Instagram?

Have you added unnecessary images to your highlights and want to know how to delete highlights on Instagram? The highlights on your Instagram profile are a collection of the most important images or videos you have shared. 

You may face a few highlights you no longer want to keep and, therefore, might want to remove them. But how do you do that? First, access the profile. You can do this by tapping your picture. The Highlights you wish to delete will appear below “Edit Profile.” You can delete Highlights by tapping and holding. When removing highlights from Stories Highlights, choose Delete.

Methods to Delete Highlights on Instagram

A highlight is an Instagram feature in which you can collect the Stories you have shared and have them appear on your profile page. The Highlight section is present beneath your bio. 

While Stories often contain less polished material than posts, you may still enjoy seeing your favorite stories on your profile. The following are some methods you can use to remove the highlights you no longer want to save.

Method 1: Deleting Story From Highlights

If you want to delete story highlights, you should follow these steps:

  • First, ensure to sign in to your Instagram account.
  • Then go to the story section. By tapping the story icon, you can see the story section.
  • You can delete a specific story highlight by navigating to it
  • At the bottom, you will find an option labeled “More.” Tap on it.
  • Now you need to click on “Remove from Highlight”.
  • Confirm your deletion by again clicking the “Delete” button.

Method 2: Deleting Entire Highlights Reel

You can remove highlights from your profile by following the steps below.

  • First, access your Instagram account by logging in.
  • Then visit your profile. Click on your profile photo to see your full profile.
  • Here, you will find your Highlights collections displayed under your profile bio.
  • Tap and hold on to the Highlights reel you’d like to remove.
  • A menu will pop up with the option to “Delete Highlight”. Tap on it.
  • Confirm the removal of the Highlights collection by clicking “Delete” or “Confirm”.

Benefits of Instagram Highlights

Utilizing the highlights feature makes organizing your content accessible. You can use highlight categories to show specific events in an organized manner. You should tell your story through highlights if you execute a campaign or launch a new product. 

Moreover, suppose you are a brand owner. In that case, you can increase your brand’s relevance and interest by regularly updating your profile highlights. You demonstrate an understanding of Instagram’s features and utilize them effectively.


Whether you’re deleting a single picture or all of your highlights, it’s easy to do so. You can use highlights on your profile page to display your temporary stories in order. You can delete these highlights with this article.

Further, as Instagram doesn’t impose any limits, you can add as many highlights. But one highlight can only contain 100 Stories. So, if you want to add more than a hundred images in a highlight, it is not possible.

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