How To React To Instagram Story?

If you are new to Instagram, you might not know how to react to the Instagram story. You will have to move quickly to react to an Instagram story since it only lasts 24 hours. But how can you do that?

Swiping up or tapping the message bar will let you react to an Instagram story. A quick reaction enables you to respond to the content with a pre-selected emoji, or you can send a message or GIF as per your wish. The person gets a DM with your reaction, so you can keep interacting.

Steps to Follow to React to Instagram Story

Quick react, sending GIFs, and typing a message are ways one can use to respond to an Instagram story. The Quick reaction feature provides a series of preset emojis that you can utilize to respond to stories quickly. 

You can also use the message bar as a method to react to any story. The message bar will allow you to type a written message. Through the message bar, users can also send GIFs or stickers. Follow the given steps to react to an Instagram story.

  • You can view the story of the account you want by tapping on its story avatar at the top of the Instagram app.
  • Tap the Send message box in the story’s opening, or swipe up to send a message.
  • You’ll see eight reaction options such as clap, laugh, etc. Click on the reaction. After you choose an emoji reaction, the screen becomes covered in emojis.
  • Further, you can utilize the quick reactions feature. Immediate responses will not be available or won’t work if they don’t have enabled replies.
  • A push notification will be sent to you as the Instagram story owner to tell you that someone reacted to your story. The reaction will also appear in the DM section.

Besides, if you want, you can also edit the reaction. In the Saved Replies section, click on the reply you want to alter. 

When you tap it, a shortcut and a message will be available for editing. You may also select Delete Saved Reply on this screen if you want to delete it permanently.  


You can easily interact with Instagram Stories through reactions. In addition to being cool, it certainly makes expressing feelings quicker. Instagram’s quick replies are no different. 

In addition to being quickest, it minimizes the necessity of typing the same messages again. Further, no matter how you react to a story, you communicate directly to the other person. So, they can like your response and reply to continue interacting with you.

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