What Are Badges on iPhone?

Seeing the Badges icon for the first time might make you wonder, “what are badges on an iPhone?” With every improvement and advance in iOS, iPhone’s icons and status indicators have also changed. As a result, certain symbols are often confusing, just like the badges icon? So, what are badges?

There are badges on the iPhone that indicate when you have an incoming message, email, etc. Badges make it easier to know about any new app information. On each app icon in the upper right corner, there is a white number with a red background indicating that there is new content.

What Are Badges on iPhone?

An iPhone displays a badge to indicate that a message or email is waiting for you. These badges assist in keeping track of any new information in your apps. 

It’s pretty simple to tell if there is any new information when a white number is on a red background next to each app icon in the upper right corner. 

Viewing missed calls, listening to voicemails, and reading SMS messages will reduce badges, or remove them, once you have viewed them. Each app that supports push notifications has the option to turn on or off the push notification badges. 

Additionally, there are various apps like RSS readers, where you can view the number of articles you haven’t read from different news sources. You can quickly enable or disable badges for any app as per your need. Follow the steps to do so.

  • Tap the Notifications option in Settings.
  • Then, please tap on the notification settings for one of your applications to access them.
  • If you wish to toggle on or off Badges, tap the toggle next to it.

By doing so, you will be able to enable or disable any badge you want.

What Is the Location of Badges on the iPhone?

Each app icon on the iPhone’s home screen will have a badge in the right-hand corner. For example, a small number badge shows up in the corner in the Messages application if you have an unread message.

The same applies to Mail and other applications. Occasionally, you will also notice badges on the Settings app. It usually indicates a new iOS update if you see the badge near the General section. 

Similarly, under your name at the top of your screen, you may see suggestions when you open the Setting apps. The badges you see on this page mean that your iPhone is trying to draw your attention.


The iPhone badges are visible to iPhone owners. It appears as a little red circle above some iPhone app icons. You can use it to learn about the number of new messages, emails, etc., you have not viewed. 

Your iPhone also notifies you if there are new updates through the badge. To disappear the badges, you need to check the notification and open the app. 

You can also disable a badge from settings if you want. Now you know everything there is to know about iPhone badges.

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