How To Tell If An iPhone Is Charging?

If you have newly shifted from Android to iPhone, you might ask, “How to tell if an iPhone is charging?” Apple iPhone users can enjoy a long battery life and quick charging daily. You can charge your iPhone in different ways. How can you tell if it is charging?

Checking the battery icon on your phone while it is on will tell you whether it is charging. You can visually tell that your phone is charging when the battery icon is green with a lightning bolt. The Control Center also shows you how much battery life you have and a percentage reading.

Identifying If Your iPhone Is Charging While It Is On

  • Plug your charger into a power source, such as a wall outlet. Connect the charger to your iPhone.
  • You will be able to see an icon representing the charge on your screen.
  • You will be able to tell if your iPhone is charging if its icon is green and surrounded by a lightning bar.
  • Whenever you see a white or red icon, that indicates that it is not charging.

Check the cord connections to ensure everything is connected correctly and that the charging cable isn’t damaged whenever your iPhone doesn’t charge. If that doesn’t work, switch to a different power source, and have a light on when you plugin.

Identifying If Your iPhone Is Charging While It Is Off

  • Ensure that the charging cable is connected to a power outlet and plugged into your iPhone.
  • If the screen is still black, find the battery icon in the center.
  • Suppose you see an empty battery icon with a charging cable. In that case, your phone is probably not charging, and you should verify your charging cord and source of power.

In the case of a completely dead battery, it is complicated to tell whether the charger is charging it or not once the battery has been connected. It would help if you left it there for a few minutes to return to life. 

Suppose your iPhone does not show any charge after a few minutes when you connect it to a charger. In that case, either the charger is defective, or something is wrong with the device.  


Fast charging and long battery life are essential features for Apple iPhone users. Various methods are available for charging the iPhone. But sometimes, no matter how much you try, you can’t connect your iPhone to a charger in time.

The iPhone won’t automatically come back on after it’s been dead. In some cases, frustratingly, you’ll find yourself waiting patiently for an iPhone to reactivate only to realize that you’re not delivering it at any charge.

You can still see if your iPhone is charging, even if you have not yet turned it back on. In this article, you can identify whether or not your iPhone is charging while it is on or off.

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