How To Take A Picture From A Video On iPhone 

Would you like to learn more about how to take a picture from a video on iPhone? Your iPhone can do much more than record high-quality videos and take excellent pictures. You can snap out a fantastic photo from your favorite video with your phone in simple steps.

Open the video that you’d like to grab an image from in your iPhone gallery. Here, the iPhone should split the video into frames, and you can easily navigate to the frame you want. Afterward, take a screenshot of the frame by simultaneously holding down the volume up and side button. You can access the photo in your camera roll.

It’s easy to learn how to take a picture from a video on iPhone as it works the usual way. However, there is more to understand and more tricks to carry out when taking photos from a video. 

Why You Might Need to Take a Picture from a Video on iPhone

Videos are trendier in present times than regular pictures. Studies have proven that videos on the internet get more interactions than ordinary photos. Hence, social media apps focusing on videos like YouTube and TikTok have grown tremendously.

However, sometimes, you might need to get a picture of an exciting scene in a video on your phone. You might need to take these pictures for memory’s sake or make references.

Don’t forget that pictures have smaller sizes, making storing them easier. With their small size, you can easily upload them on social media. Keep in mind that countless social media apps still focus on pictures.

How to Take a Picture from a Video on iPhone

Taking pictures from a video on iPhone is an easy process. However, there are two approaches to this. One takes photos from a prerecorded video, and the other takes pictures while recording the video.

To take a picture from a prerecorded video:

1. Open the Video

Find the prerecorded video you would like to snap an image from and open it.

2. Select the Frame

Select the frame you want to turn into a picture from the video.

3. Take a Screenshot

Hold down button on the side and the button for putting the volume-up at the same time. The iPhone will display a white light to portray a shot. 

4. Access Your Picture

Afterward, proceed to your gallery to view the picture you took. You can make further edits here to perfect the image.

There’s a trick to grabbing a picture while you’re in the process of shooting a video on your iPhone. To do this, begin recording your video as you usually would.

Select the white circle on the bottom right-hand corner of the iPhone screen to take a picture. After recording your video, you may save it as usual. Every photo you took, with your videos, will save to your camera roll.


You now have some exciting ways to take a picture from a video on your iPhone. You can also use some apps, like Frame Grabber, to do this. However, it can be tasking and may even cost some premium offers.

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