How To Make A Video With Pictures On iPhone 

A trend in recent years is being able to make a video with pictures on iPhone. And you don’t need to have any special skills to do this on your iPhone. With simple steps to follow, you can learn turn your pictures into stunning videos without hassles using your iPhone

The easiest way to make a video with pictures on iPhone is using the iMovie app. When you click on ‘Start New Project’, it will open up the Moments screen, revealing all your photos. Select all the images you’ll like to use in your video, ensuring the images you select have a blue tick. Click on Create Movie to create your video. 

Understanding how to make a video with pictures on iPhone is an exciting experience. Now you can turn those pictures into fun moments with simple clicks on your phone. Keep reading to learn more about the fun feature and explore your creativity with your phone. 

The Benefits of Making a Video with Pictures

Many people find the mechanics of creating videos difficult. Indeed, there are so many things to put in place to make a perfect one. However, you cannot just make a stunning video with photos, but you can also do so quickly. 

Videos are the easiest way to get your message across. Consider the high volume of traffic YouTube receives to its website each day. Or why Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn began to include videos and live streaming into their offering. Videos are simply more entertaining and easier for people to consume. 

Imagine swiping through thousands of photos and consider looking at the same photos after you’ve converted them into a video. You also can integrate audio when generating films from photographs with music and even explaining the situation.

These videos can describe places you’ve visited, the experiences you’ve had, and how you deal with things in your day-to-day life.

How to Make a Video with Pictures on iPhone

When you want to make a video using your pictures, there are several approaches you can take. However, the method you apply depends on the type of phone you’re using. With your iPhone in hand, you have all the tools you need to make your video in no time.

You can turn your stunning pictures into beautiful moments with the following simple steps:

1. Locate the iMovie App

On your iPhone, locate the iMovie app with a ‘star’ icon and click on ‘Start New Project.’ If you didn’t see the ‘Start New Project’ icon, click on ‘Projects’ and return to the Project Browser. This page will display all your media set into Moments, with all photos and clips from each day.

2. Select your Photos

Tap and select the photos you want to use to make the video, with items chosen having a blue checkmark. If you’ll like to view the image more closely, touch and hold their thumbnail to preview them up close. Additionally, you can click ‘Select’ if you’ll like to pick an entire moment.

3. Make your Video

After making your selections, tap the icon below labeled ‘Create Movie’. It will automatically make your pictures into videos.


Learning how to make a video with pictures on iPhone is a subtle way to add more relevance to photos. With these simple steps, your images become more than just photos; they become memories.

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