How To See How Many Shares Your TikTok Has?

If you are concerned about your TikTok presence, you might want to know “how to see how many shares your TikTok has?” A large audience uses the TikTok app because it has become a global internet reference. Every day, you, your friends, and thousands of others share videos on TikTok. Most people want to see the number of shares on their videos. But how to do that?

Your TikTok Pro account insights will become available as soon as you switch your account to pro. Click “Analytics.” Choose “Shares” from the menu. Those videos that you have posted will show there. Depending upon your preferences, you can see only one video or the entire history of your shares. 

Steps to Follow to See How Many Shares Your TikTok Has

In a TikTok account, you can find information regarding your videos’ views and profile views. Find out how many shares your TikTok has by following the given steps. 

  • Click on the icon next to your profile in your TikTok account.
  • Then, press the three dots to access your account’s settings.
  • Within the menu, you’ll find the option to switch from a personal to a pro account.
  • You can select it, and it will change your account immediately.
  • As soon as you switch your profile, you will be able to access the TikTok Pro Account Insights page.
  • From that page, select “Analytics.”
  • Tap the “Shares” option.
  • Videos you’ve posted will appear there.
  • If you choose, you may narrow the data down to just one video, or you may see the entire history of your shares.

Is It Necessary to Convert the TikTok Profile from Personal to Pro to See the Number of Shares?

The TikTok Account Insights option is only available for Pro users. So, if you have a personal TikTok profile, you will need to convert it to pro to access the TikTok Account Insights feature. It will also enable you to see who has shared your video. 

It will also allow you to track the demographic information, country of origin, and age of the users who share your videos. Using this, you will see which posts are the most popular with your audience.


The TikTok app is a social media application that focuses on distributing short videos. Many people imagine it to be a simplified version of YouTube, where videos are five to 30 seconds long. 

Most users on TikTok want to know who has shared their videos and the number of shares. It is currently impossible to see who has watched or shared your videos. 

But you can see the number of shares on your video and overall profile with the help of the TikTok account insights feature. However, the TikTok account insights option is only accessible to those who have Pro accounts.

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