How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram?

You may have difficulty figuring out if you have been restricted by another user, so you may ask, “how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram?” You can use the Restrict feature to limit your interaction with other users on Instagram. So how can you know about it?

You won’t be able to see a user’s active status on Instagram or when they last logged in if they have restricted you. They have likely denied your access if they appear to be posting, but there is no sign that they are active. However, everyone can turn off Activity Status in the app.

Methods to Know If Someone Restricted You on Instagram

The following are ways to find out who restricted your Instagram account.

Method 1: Check Activity Status

Although this method doesn’t provide much assistance, it can sometimes prove very useful when you’re in doubt about a person restricting your main account. 

If a person restricts access to your account, you will not see the person’s active status or time of last activity. Before checking this, please check your activity status and ensure that it is on to view other users’ activity status.

Method 2: By Sending a Message

A direct message sent from your primary account is an excellent way to identify if someone has restricted you.

The person may have limited you. Your private message ends up as a message request if the message doesn’t get seen or reverted within a reasonable timeframe.

Method 3: By Checking Comments

It will be impossible for you to post comments on their post if they restrict you. Whenever you are unsure if someone has limited you on Instagram, check their posts from another account and view your comments. 

If the other account cannot see your comments, they have restricted you. Check by following these steps:

  • Try finding the person’s account that you suspect is restricting you with the help of a secondary account.
  • Please go through all of their comments. They have likely restricted your account if you cannot find the comments you have left.

Before the restriction, your comments on their posts would remain visible. A user can’t see other people’s comments only after they get a restriction.

It may be worth commenting on the post of someone you have doubts about restricting you. Then, check if the comment has been hidden using your secondary account. You’re banned if it has.


The Instagram support team may be able to help you if your account has been restricted on Instagram and the community team has not resolved the issue. 

On Instagram’s guidelines page, you’ll find more information about the restricted mode. The above article will help determine whether someone has restricted you on Instagram. 

Regardless of the outcome, you should remain calm and try expressing yourself rather than cyberbullying. Please forward this information to your friends if you find it useful. 

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