Why Is Youtube Not Working On Roku?

If you cannot access Youtube on Roku, you might wonder, “why is Youtube not working on Roku”? With Roku, you can watch virtually any digital video platform, such as Netflix, Youtube, etc. However, sometimes you might face issues while accessing Youtube or other websites on Roku. But what is it?

Several reasons can result in your Roku device not being able to launch the YouTube app. These include problems with the internet connection, issues with YouTube accounts, or the Roku streaming device not working properly. Also, Roku’s YouTube channel will not work if YouTube is down.

Reasons Why YouTube Is Not Working on Roku

The following are the reasons Youtube does not work on Roku.

Reason 1: Bad Internet Connection

A bad or no internet connection can cause Youtube not to work on Roku. You must check whether you can connect other devices to your home internet.

If other devices on your Wi-Fi network cannot access the web either, then your Wi-Fi network lacks internet access. The YouTube channel on Roku will not launch if Wi-Fi is not active.

Connect your Roku again by troubleshooting your internet connection. You can also try to restart your router and see if it works.

Reason 2: Youtube App Not Updated

You might also have difficulty connecting Youtube with Roku if you use an older version of Youtube. You can do a few things to fix your YouTube problem if you believe it’s related to your Roku device. 

You can start by updating the YouTube application. You can open YouTube with the remote and tap the asterisk.

If any updates are available, you can let Roku install them from the pop-up menu. Try watching YouTube now to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Reason 3: YouTube Servers Down

YouTube will not launch on Roku if the YouTube servers are down. It’s crucial to try a quick test before you spend too much time trying to fix your YouTube problem on Roku. 

The result will tell you if the YouTube issue is only for you or if it affects everyone. As long as the server is down, no one can access Youtube. 

You can use services like Downdetector to know if Youtube is working in your area or not. Alternatively, you can use your browser’s search feature to find out if YouTube is down. 

Regardless of which way you choose, this will provide information about any current outage. If there is, wait until the outage is over and try again.


Hopefully, now you will know why Youtube is not working on Youtube. However, it might be necessary to contact YouTube for technical support if nothing else seems to be working. You can also get assistance from YouTube’s help page. 

Further, due to a disagreement on terms of service between YouTube and Roku, YouTube channels weren’t available on Roku for several months in 2021. However, they now have an agreement in place for 2022.

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