How To Make A Poll On YouTube?

Making a Youtube poll is a famous method for increasing audience engagement, so you might ask, “how to make a poll on Youtube?” With the help of YouTube polls, you can transform your standard videos into powerful means to communicate with your subscribers. So, how can you make it?

Go to Youtube and click “Your Channel” in the channel settings. On the top menu bar, select “Community.” Tap the “Community” text field to create your poll question. Then click on the poll icon. A pop-up box appears to allow you to enter poll options. Click “Add choice” to enter additional options. After adding the poll question and its options, you can publish the poll.

Methods to Make a Poll on YouTube

You can create a YouTube poll using the methods below.

Method 1: Making Youtube Poll Using PC

If you are using a PC, the steps to create a YouTube poll are as follows:

  • Visit and then click on the “Create” option.
  • You will then see a menu titled “Create a post.”
  • On the Community tab, click the “Poll” icon. After that, you need to choose “Add a poll.” You can add up to five options to the poll question.
  • As soon as you enter a poll question, you will be able to add poll options. Just click on “Add choice” to include additional options.
  • You can publish your poll right away if you’re happy with it or schedule it to appear later.

Method 2: Making Youtube Poll Using Smartphone

Using your Android device, you can create polls by following these steps:

  • On your Android device, navigate to the YouTube app.
  • Open your channel. You can access your user channel by tapping on the icon of your username.
  • From there, you can select “Your Channel.”
  • Navigate to the “Community” option at the top of the menu bar.
  • Create your poll question by tapping on the text field in the “Community” section.
  • After that, select the poll icon.
  • You will then see the pop-up text box for entering poll options. You may choose more options by tapping “Add choice.”
  • You can select whether your poll will be available to your subscribers only or anyone by selecting the drop-down menu.
  • You have the option of scheduling the post by tapping the clock icon.
  • You can now upload it by tapping “Post.”


YouTube polls can help you get helpful feedback from your subscribers. Other than polls, commenting, sharing, liking, and disliking are a few other ways creators can interact with their subscribers. 

However, in no time at all, YouTube polls, one of the most underrated YouTube features, will boost your channel’s engagement. Polls on YouTube are a fantastic way to interact with your audience and engage them in your brand’s promotions. 

You can get an incredible response rate when using YouTube polls if you add the right questions. YouTube polls are worth testing out, so you should give them a go if you are a YouTuber.

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